6.3k MMR, highly experienced coach/player, Beginner to Advanced, excel at mid/carry positions

Been playing the game for 11 years now, decent competitive experience, coaching regularly for 1.5 years now with success !

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I've been coaching through dotacoach.org site for 1.5 years now.
www.dotacoach.org/kAitorA - my profile
Like the title says I offer coaching services to anyone willing to improve, who are frustrated with their current level of play and mmr range they are currently at. At the link above you can find all the detailed information about me, my qualifications as a coach and dota experience. More than 400 coaching hours and 160 positive reviews.

Coaching experience
Well it all started 1.5 years ago. Since then I've been coaching through the site regularly with not a single unsatisfied student ! Look i dont wanna bullshit you, I can say i am only doing this to improve the community, help out the newer players and the ones who are stuck and cant find the solution on their own and cause its really fun ( which is true to some extent ! ) but the truth is i just have a lot of free time, will, passion and patience for this currently and why not turn this hobby of mine for the last 11 years into something little profitable for me ? Thus being said i put a lot of effort into every coaching session, care about ur progress and that u get a value of each session. It happened bunch of times that scheduled 1hour session with a student has expired and we were only little more half way through the replay analyze, needless to say I stayed until we finish what we've started and the rest of the time was mostly free of charge, at least i dont request anything more :) Same thing can be said for Live Coaching if it requires extra time to finish the game and conclude the session with some questions afterwards. And after the session is finished the coaching experience doesnt fully end ( even if u never purchase any more sessions with me ) since i keep all of my students @ steam/skype friend list where u can ask me pretty much anything, whenever in the future if u encounter some new problems, i dont mind it, ill answer as soon as i have time/see it. Not a single question has been left unanswered !

TLDR - My students are my top priority and have my full attention !
* Proofs for the above mentioned things can be found in more than 160 positive reviews :)

Example of a one : ""Great coach, he goes over the top with his insight and provides a lot of useful information, he details every little thing he does. If you engage into a topic with him, he tells you everything you need to know about it. His experience is clearly visible - he knows his heroes. I expect that I will definitely get better with his advice. PS - this guy is really dedicated to what he does. So I definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to get better at this, because he really wants to help you and does his best for that. -Lepra 7/29/2016"

If you got any questions u can leave me a pm or find my skype/steam contact info at the link above to have a quick chat with me if u need more assuring :)
SKYPE live:ibeli93
steam profile http://steamcommunity.com/id/kAitorA
Cheers !

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