Android App Development

Android Application Development

eCoached by Kartik
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Android Training Outline:
Android Architecture
o System architecture of Android Activities
o Android Components
o Android Manifest
Android Development Tools
o Installation of the Android Development Tools (ADT)
o Creating Android projects in Android Studio
o Defining Devices, Emulator and Images & using dependencies
Defining Android User Interfaces
o Views
o Layouts
o Accessing widgets in Activities
o View interaction
Material Design Concepts
o Material Design colors
o Material design layouts
o New concepts in material design
Development of different screen sizes
o Screen sizes and Densities
o Using device independent pixel (dp)
o Converting between pixels and dp
Intents and Activity Communication
o Intents
o IntentFilter
o Defining Activities
o Activity stack
Appbar & Toolbar
o ActionBar vs. Toolbar
o Defining an Toolbar menu
o Views in the ToolBar & options Menu
o Contextual action mode
Styling and Themes
o Styling of Views
o Using Themes for styling Activities
o Extending Android themes (Holo) & Materialistic Themes
ListViews and ListActivity
o ListView & Recycler View
o ListActivity
o Defining List Adapter
o Performance Optimization
File based Persistence
o Preferences
o File and Access restrictions
o Permissions
o Androids security concept

o Using Permissions
o Defining Permissions
Network Communication
o HttpUrlConnection Class
o JSON Parsing
Asynchronous Processing in Android
o Multitasking
o User Interface Updates via Threads
o Androids Limits - Application Not Responding
o Using Handler for message communication
o Using AsyncTask
SQLite and ContentProvider
o Using the SQLite Database in Android
o Outlook: Using and defining ContentProvider
o Outlook: Loader
o Android System Services, AlertManager, VibratorManager, etc
o Outlook: Definition of own Services
Broadcast Receiver
o Definition of a BroadcastReceiver
o Registration of own BroadcastReceiver
Notification Manager
o Using the Notification Manager
o NotificationBuilder
Push Notification
o GCM concepts
o Using Push Notifications
Location services and Google Maps
o Location based Services
o Google Maps
o Map-Overlays
o Geocoding / Reverse Geocoding
o Using GPS, Wifi, ...
Homescreen Widgets
o RemoteViews and PendingIntents
o Updates with a fixed time interval
o Updates with Services
Using Android Sensors
o Accelerometer
o Orientation
o Camera
Audio and Video
o Playing and recording audio
o Playing and recording video
Build Management
o Gradle
Targeting Tablets and Smartphones

o Overview Fragments
o Multi-Pane Layouts with Fragments
o Designing layouts for tablets and phones
o Deployment Option
o Markets (Google

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