Basic atomic structure and the Periodic Table

How to draw the first 20 elements

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This tutorial covers basic atomic structure and its relationship to the Periodic Table of the Elements. It is at the junior high school level and will show you how to figure out the number of subatomic particles in an atom (the protons, neutrons and electrons) as well as working out the electron configurations of the first 20 elements.

The course includes a video tutorial (about 10 minutes long) as well as a worksheet to practice drawing the atomic structure of the first 20 elements, and a separate document with the answers worked in full.

Learning Resources - JuliaM

Basic atomic structure practice
This worksheet lets you practice drawing atoms and figuring out how many of each subatomic particle it has.
atomicstructurepractice.docx - 521.7 KB
Basic atomic structure practice - Answers
This document has the worked answers to the practice worksheet.
atomicstructureanswers.docx - 528.5 KB
Basic atomic structure and the Periodic Table
This video tutorial shows you how to figure out what sub atomic particles that make up the first 20 elements and gives a brief overview of the Periodic Table of the Elements.
basicatomicstructureandtheperiodictable.mp4 - 22.1 MB

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