Counter Strike Coaching (Indepth Coaching)

Rise Above

eCoached by Nelder
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If you are still struggling getting high up in MM and trying to further and improve and grow more as a competitive player. This Coaching session with bring in knowledge and understanding of CS-GO.

- Round strategy flow
- Positioning
- Locations and calling
- Economy
- Grenades

- Spraying practice with AK - M4/M4A1
- Tapping/Bursting with AK - M4/M4A1
- Aiming / Cross-hair Placement
- Understanding Pistol Control

Nade spots
- important HE spots on all important maps
- important flash spots on all important maps
- important smoke spots on all important maps
- important Incendiary on all important maps

What You Must Require
- Microphone
- Patience
- Willing to Learn more about CSGO
- Be unranked and new or stuck in LEM below

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