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Greetings, my name is Ramsey. My solo MMR is currently 4.7k~. However i was 5.3k mmr but dropped due to taking a break from the game. My ambitiion is to get 9k MMR like miracle. You might have heard about me, my in game name has been Babypanda for quite a while now.

I have three main goals that i will most certainly grant you with my coaching. The first, to develop yourself as a player and find your true comfort zone in game. Second, i will show you how to climb the mmr rankings consistently, only progressing forward. Lastly, i will teach certain game mechanics that will stick with you and make the difference between a good player and a professional player

Three techniques that i use to improve your game play are below, if you have any other ways that would help you learn faster please let me know:

Replay analysis: This is likely to be one of the most effective ways to teach. Replays can be paused and picked apart, analysing the small details that might not necessarily covered as effectively in a live in-game coaching session.

In-game coaching: Coaching you as your playing live is also another effective way as i can guide you throughout the game, giving you my own decisions on what i'd do next. I can aid you with item decision making, lane mechanics, mid-late game decision making, efficient farming patterns etc.

Lobby practice: Although the least effective method, this allows me to show you some game mechanics such as certain match ups in all three lanes and also jungle techniques that allow you to farm much faster..Mid mechanics like creep aggro, lane controlling to make sure that the enemy gains very little from the lane, camp stack timings and decision making in general would be taught.

Even though i have the most experience and most played role in the offlane also known as role 3, i also have very good knowledge and can play all other roles exceptionally well. Playing dota at a professional level requires you to know the limits of every role in order for you to punish and understanding your hero's limits. The offlane role is one the most vital roles in the game and is not played how it should be, buying items and knowing which hero's to pick in certain meta's can win you games.

I have played Dota 1 as well throughout my youth, having knowledge of the new heroes that are being added into the game, exponentially more than the current players today. Please don't hesitate to add me on steam and ask me any questions. Before we start your session, providing me with your goals and what aspects of the game that you want improvement on will enhance our lesson together. Don't feel embarrassed or pious to tell me which areas you excel at and which areas of your game play that you need working on.

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