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Hello members of the community,
IGN : positivity
MMR: 6128
Dota experience : 8years since the days of dota 1 and have played in division 2 of jdl and have a good 3 year competitive gaming experience.
Coaching experience : close to 12 months and has become profession for the last couple of months
Why should u go with my services ? : With 8 years of dota I think I have understood every aspect of the game very well, and I have done a lot of research in order to perfectly methods of teaching anything related to dota .
What can u expect ? : I will be bluntly honest with you and will tell if u have made a mistake and will be appreciating your positives, I won't hesitate to repeat any point that I have told and u couldn't follow no matter how many times it's required , I would have demos of certain stuff that u need help with that would be better with me showing you how it's done and of course there will be no time limit for each of my sessions, they will go on until I've cleared ur doubts with regards to what session we had.
My Services :
A total replay analysis of a game of your choice that you would want me to look at and help you understand what you could have done better what you should be doing at every stage of the game. I prefer to do it live with you where we both would be watching the replay together in sync.
Laning phase/last hitting - we can work on how u should be dominating a lane , how u should control lane how u should be last hitting in a given situation. We can have 1v1 matchups and improve ur strength while laning solo against tougher heroes mid/offlane/carry. Also as a support what u need to be doing when u need to be doing it for example how do u harass the offlaner when do u rotate when do u pull and much more .
I do live ingame coaching where u and I are in a party and i be the coach and u play a game and i can give u guidance on how u should play and what u need to do for an entire game. I do the contrary as well where i will be playing and you will be the spectator and id be explaining each and every situation clearly and telling you as to why i am doing what i am doing.
Overall game-play improvement is another thing where i help u understand the entire game and what u need to be doing as a particular role/hero at a given time , basically ill be helping you to improve your decision making skills and when to do what.
I also do a pro game replay analysis where we both watch a pro dota match and i help u understand whats going through each of the players minds and why they do what they do when they do it.

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