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Do you want to improve your English language skills?
Do you need help with text comprehension, grammar, sentence construction and writing skills?
Are you studying for NAPLAN at school, selective school exams or ESL for the IELTS examination?
Are you studying for the HSC and examinations in English language or literature?
Do you need to develop business English skills?

I am an experienced English teacher, having taught the language in Britain, Europe, Asia and Australia

I work with you to improve your speaking, comprehension, reading and writing skills. My job is to help you pass examinations at school, including Selectives, NAPLAN, as well as IELTS, English literature, the HSC and beyond. Your business English, written and spoken, will develop with my tuition.

FOR SCHOOL AGE STUDENTS, using specific texts for Selectives, NAPLAN and ICAS, plus relevant books targeting your age group, I systematically coach you in reading and comprehension, while helping you to develop creative writing skills and correct grammar usage. Your vocabulary will expand and your sentence construction will improve, so that your written essays will reflect a more mature and sophisticated writing style.

FOR IELTS STUDENTS, having studied a foreign language myself (German) to the point of fluency in speech and the written word, I understand the challenges facing those of you who will be sitting the IELTS test. I work with you to raise your score in the exam, focusing on writing, comprehension and speaking skills in class, so you are prepared on the day of the test to excel in those areas.

FOR PROFESSIONALS AND BUSINESS PEOPLE who are experiencing challenges in your day-to-day work life, you will benefit from the one-to-one specific guidance I offer you in terms of general business communication, written letters and emails, reports and business terminology. I have been providing a tutoring service to professionals for many years, and currently work with foreign businessmen and women through agencies in Sydney and Melbourne to raise their English proficiency levels.

I am a native English speaker from the UK and began teaching English more than thirty years ago. Since then I have tutored students from around the world, focusing on their individual needs to help them achieve success.
For those interested in progressive English skills, I cover business English and advanced writing and English literature.

BA in English at the University of London
Coaching and Communication skills diploma at the University of Surrey
International TESOL diploma
Certified NLP Practitioner (UK)
Transactional Analysis accredited (UK)

German language tutoring - speaking, reading and writing
Translation service - English to German, German to English

Please note - I require at least 48 hours notice of all cancellations. Less than 48 hours notice will attract the full fee

Improve your English language knowledge for examinations
Increase your vocabulary and ability to understand native English
Improve your ability to use English grammar correctly
Cultivate advanced writing skills in English literature
Develop business English skills
Enhance your accuracy and fluency of pronunciation
Raise your understanding of English reading materials

Please feel free to contact me regarding any aspect of English tutoring

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