Excel Lessons for Professionals

Beginner's Course

eCoached by Frankie
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These 30-60min courses are tailored to those just starting out in professional services (i.e. Financial Services, Accounting etc.) though is open to anyone who is interested in Excel. My sessions will focus on the following:
- Basic Excel formulas (e.g. LOOKUPs, IF Statements, SUMPRODUCT etc.)
- Spreadsheet Planning - techniques to build logical and user-friendly models
- Formatting Techniques (e.g. basic formatting tools, Conditional Formatting and Cell Styles)
- Keyboard Shortcuts
- Navigating in Excel - guidance on how to locate all key Excel functionalities
- Pivot Tables
- Charts and Tables

I will be running sessions on Skype. These sessions may be either planned by myself, Q&A based or a combination of the two.

If you're interested in a session, please shoot me a message and we can organise a time.

Look forward to meeting you!


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