Guitarmaking (flamenco, classical, electric)

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Dear Visitor

Thanks for your interest in guitar luthery.

I'm Armando
I'm a professional working amateur luthier from Switzerland. I was personally trained by the famous spanish classical guitarmaker José L. Romanillos.
My original profession is wood turner which i have studied for four years. Therefore i have a broad knowledge about different woodspecies and woodworking in general.
My main interest however is dedicated to the flamenco guitar but i also use to build classical guitars. I'm also able to help you when it comes to electric guitars. I'm quite knowledgable about Les Paul guitars as well, as i have built one from scratch.

So if you have in mind to start your own acoustic or electric guitar project, or you have an instrument that needs repair, don't hesitate to get in touch with me. I'd be glad to assist you.

I can assist you in the following topics:

- Tonewood sourcing, selection, storing and aging.
- Guitar design and choosing the right model
- Sourcing of materials, hardware and tools
- Critical issues to take care about before and during building
- Some special building tecniques used by some famous luthiers
- Construction of molds
- Advice about tools and how to use them
- Marquetry and Rosette making process
- Critical issues to consider during the process of soundboard construction
- Assembly and closing of the soundbox
- Purflings and Bindings
- Pore filling, sanding
- French polishing or varnishing
- Final setup

To build your own instrument can definitely be very rewarding. If you have some patience, basic woodworking skills and an adequate place to build, there's not much that can hinder you to build a great instrument. I'd be glad to accompany you on this path and assist you whenever you need help. Immagine how it feels when you can proudly present your selfmade guitar to your family, friends and colleagues. With a bit of talent and dedication you'll be able to build an instrument that many wouln't believe you have built it by yourself.

So, for any questions regarding guitarmaking, don't hesitate to get in touch with me.
For a maximum benefit of the coaching session i'd recommend you to let me know beforehand the topics you would like to learn about. That will make the course more efficent.

I'd be glad to hear from you


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