IELTS Speaking Fast-track

Intensive IELTS speaking coaching

See "About you" description - (copied below)

What to expect in first hour:
1. Mini IELTS test with feedback
2. Discussion of what you've achieved up to now, and where you need to be
3. Single part 1 topic will be delivered (coached) (will use the same one as in the previous test)
4. Single part 2/3 topic also chosen and delivered (again same as previous test questions)
5. You're objective is to decide whether you like the style and can see the value
6. I will give you some options
7. I've just started this up so it's important to leave feedback!!

"About you:"
• If you want private one to one intensive sessions with an experienced IELTS IDP and BC certified IELTS expert – this may be for you
• A ‘Guaranteed IELTS Score’ deal may be available (for speaking) – depends on where you are now (your current level) and what band you’re planning to achieve. Half a band score extra no problem, one full band also possible. We’ll have to do first hour to assess.
• Writing parts 1 and 2 (Academic or general training) also available (send message)
• This is about ironing-out the poor language / grammar / expressions you’re currently using, and replacing them with much better native style ones (I’m from England)
• This is the best training available, with much emphasis on saying what the examiner wants to hear in every situation (but not memorized answers!). This is definitely NOT about complex vocabulary, or idioms (which hardly ever get used by English people), it’s about knowing what English people normally say, such as phrasal verbs and collocations, and knowing what to expect
• References available, along with students (written work) to show what kind of service you can expect

I suggest committing to a single hour to see what can be done. Then decide if it's worth it.
An IELTS Exam costs (in Vietnam) 4.5 million VND (more than $200) - UKVI more than 3 million - doing them is an expensive hobby!

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$65 (USD) per hour (INDIVIDUAL)

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Customer Reviews


I have received a one-month IELTS training from Dean, both writing and speaking. He is really good at determining students strengths and weaknesses. More importantly, he knows how to help students to overcome their weaknesses and what they should focus in order to boost the score. That is why somehow I believe he is one of the examiners, even though he never mentions about it. For those who are still struggling many times like I did to get expected scores, I would highly recommend Dean as your tutor and I promise you will find a great difference from other teachers you have met at your school. Toi la mot trong nhung hoc sinh cua Dean trong IELTS test, phan viet va noi. Ong rat gioi ve xac dinh diem manh va diem yeu cua hoc vien. Quan trong hon, ong ta biet lam nhu the nao de giup hoc vien nang cao diem yeu cua minh khi lam bai. Do la ly do tai sao toi cu nghi rang ong la la giam thi cham thi, mac dau ong ta chua bao gio de cap den.