JavaScript Fundamentals

Modern Web Development in Plain English

JavaScript is the de facto language of the web, and having superior knowledge of this language and its popular libraries and frameworks (such as Angular, React, and Node.js) is in high demand. I offer personalized tutoring sessions so that you can learn not only the syntax of JavaScript but also how to think like a programmer.

My one-on-one and group sessions are completely personalized to your needs, and I cover everything from the basics to advanced concepts. All new students receive a FREE evaluation so that I can understand where your current ability is. In addition, students will receive a personalized report with feedback at the end of every lesson. And if you so desire, lessons can be recorded at your request so that you can view them as many times as you like.

What does a typical 1 hour lesson look like?

1) Q/A and Review Previous Lesson's Assignment and Projects => 10-15 minutes

At the end of each lesson, you will receive an assignment or project from me. You will share your work on GitHub, and we will spend the beginning of class going over your questions about the task.

2) Explicit Lecture on Lesson's Topic => 5-10 minutes

This part of the lesson is short but sweet. I truly believe that people "learn by doing", so I want to spend as little time lecturing as possible. That said, this section will be very straightforward, practical, and engaging! Don't expect to be a passive listener in this section of the class.

3) Pair Programming => About 30 minutes

This section will be the bulk of the class. I will give you a challenging problem to solve, and your solution will implement JavaScript. The task will not be easy, but I promise it will only be slightly above your current ability. The purpose of pair programming is not to test your memory of JavaScript syntax because simply recalling the syntax does not make you a good programmer. In the pair programming task, I want you to THINK LIKE A PROGRAMMER. You will take the driver's seat and THINK OUT LOUD. I will be there every step of the way to answer your questions and guide you to the solution.

4) Lesson Wrap Up => 5 Minutes

I will assign the next task/project for you and set the expectations for the next class. Shortly after the lesson, I will share a personalized report with you by email.

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Great lessons with a lot of extra learning material. Thanks Stephen!