League of Legends Coaching: Master Tier/Diamond Knowledge

eCoached by Merlo Gaming
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Master Tier Support/Jungle here, i will teach you everything i know !

a little bit quick about myself: Played LoL since S1 till today still going strong, im a toplaner/support main but i have good knowledge about mid as well (im gonna be honest, i suck at adc, i understand it but i wont be able to teach you it)

Master Tier Knowledge: Jungle/Support
Diamond Tier Knowledge: Top/Mid

I dont teach ADC sadly since im too bad at it.

Skype, Discord, Teamspeak (if you prefer typing im up for it as well, alot easyier to talk with eachother)
LoL Account on EUNE or EAST
Understanding + Able to speak English or Swedish
Be able to handle my critic (i wont bash you unless you want me to)
5-10 Minutes to get to know each other a bit

What i can give you:
Deep indepth about your wrongs and goods
Correct build paths
Understanding of the game (Objectives, Farm, Trades)
Matchups in all lanes (ex. Bard/Vayne vs Kog'maw/Braum)

Feedback is always appricated, dont be afraid to type what your heart tells, im not a mean person, im honest

Here are some of my ''Achievements''

Challenger S5 - http://imgur.com/P1NHx7r/
Master Tier S6 - http://imgur.com/tq1tMIi (im at 13 LP atm)
www.twitch.tv/amarelo96 - https://gyazo.com/9adb93c39fe17ed51629ad4abceceb75 (if you want to check my other achievements)

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