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Guten Tag! My Name is Susanne K. and I am a native German speaker, University graduate and certified language instructor in both German and English. During my Tefl studies and my time tutoring both at home and abroad I have been successful in creating fun, interactive and effective teaching styles and lesson plans.

I developed an easy and stuctured way to learn easily and understand fast. Whether it is German or English, I will teach grammar, sentence structure, tenses, punctuation and language communication.

I am flexible in schedule and I am capable of teaching all ages. I am able to create lesson plans geared towards your present skill levels and future goals that will be both fun and interactive.

I am also able to teach German towards all subjects such as business, history, arts and science.

Learning Resources - Susanne K.

Stunde 1 (Lesson 1)
Stunde 1: Basic conversation, alphabet, pronouns, pronunciation
lesson1.pdf - 105.2 KB
Stunde 2.1 Haben und Sein Übung
Exercise and answer key for the verbs "haben und sein" (to be and to have) Exercise and answer key for kommen (to come), sprechen (to speak), wohnen (to live)
habenundseinubung.pdf - 67.5 KB
Stunde 2 (Lesson 2)
Pronouns, definite and indefinite articles, verb to be (sein) and to have (haben)
stunde2.pdf - 93.4 KB

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