Mastering VCE and Beyond - Physics: Electrical and Electronic Circuits

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Introducing the Mastering VCE and Beyond series on Physics: Electrical and Electronic Circuits! The topics covered are based on Australia's Victorian Certificate of Education's (VCE) Unit 3 physics syllabus, Electronics and Photonics.

- Complete set of notes of over 70 pages starting from ground up basics and building towards advance topics mastering VCE physics and beyond.
- Concise and straight to the point elaborate explanation of key concepts without the fluff in typical physics textbooks.
- Perfect for self-study.
- Ideal for students who is struggling with physics to build up a solid fundamental understanding of physics, and bright students looking to deepen their understanding and looking for a challenge.
- A wide range of non-repetitive problems, from basic to challenging. Short answers provided.
- Great value at a highly affordable price.

Chapter list:
- Elements of Electrical Circuits
- Circuit Diagrams
- Principles of Electrical Circuits
- Resistors and Prelude to Designing Complex Electronic Systems
- Diodes
- Amplifiers

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Learning Resources - wyz135

Chapter 2 - Circuit Diagrams
We will look at the use of circuit diagrams to efficiently and elegantly design electrical circuits.
chapter2-circuitdiagrams.pdf - 198.8 KB
Chapter 2 Short Answer
Short answers for Chapter 2's exercises.
chapter2shortanswers.pdf - 126.4 KB
Chapter 5 - Diodes
In this chapter we will introduce a new electrical device into our arsenal, the diode and its variances.
chapter5-diodes.pdf - 399 KB
Chapter 4 - Resistors and Prelude to Electronics
This chapter we will build upon the foundation laid and examine resistors in more detail. We will also see how the study of electrical circuits used mainly to transmit energy naturally leads to the design of electronics, which are used mainly for transmission of information.
chapter4-resistors.pdf - 569.3 KB
Chapter 3 Exercise
Exercises for Chapter 3.
chapter3exercise.pdf - 169.5 KB
Chapter 5 Exercise
Exercises for Chapter 5.
chapter5exercise.pdf - 255.9 KB
Chapter 1 Exercise
Exercise for Chapter 1
chapter1exercise.pdf - 49.1 KB
Chapter 6 - Amplifiers
In this chapter we will study amplifiers, and its use in wireless transmission of information, further laying the foundation of electronics.
chapter6-amplifiers.pdf - 631.1 KB
Chapter 4 Short Answer
Short answers for Chapter 4's exercise.
chapter4shortanswers.pdf - 92 KB
Chapter 0 - Prologue
Introduction to Electrical and Electronic circuits, with some study tips!
chapter0-prologue.pdf - 25.4 KB
Chapter 1 Short Answer
Short answers for Chapter 1's exercise.
chapter1shortanswers.pdf - 38.8 KB
Chapter 3 Short Answer
Short answers for Chapter 3's exercise.
chapter3shortanswers.pdf - 26.3 KB
Chapter 6 Exercise
Exercises for Chapter 6.
chapter6exercise.pdf - 312.2 KB
Chapter 2 Exercise
Exercises for Chapter 2.
chapter2exercise.pdf - 106.7 KB
Chapter 1 - Elements of Electrical Circuits
Starting off by building a solid foundation by examining different elements of electrical circuits.
chapter1-elementofelectricalcircuits.pdf - 286.2 KB
Chapter 4 Exercise
Exercises for Chapter 4.
chapter4exercise.pdf - 418.2 KB
Chapter 5 Short Answer
Short answers for Chapter 5.
chapter5shortanswers.pdf - 27.6 KB
Chapter 6 Short Answer
Short answers for Chapter 6.
chapter6shortanswers.pdf - 311.2 KB
Chapter 3 - Principles of Electrical Circuits
In this chapter we introduce the most important of Electrical Circuits, the Kirchhoff's laws and use it to analyze electrical circuits.
chapter3-electricalcircuitprinciples.pdf - 435.7 KB

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