Vegan Cooking Classes

Learn how to cook delicious meals without using animal products

eCoached by Virginia1986
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My name is Virginia, I'm a vegan cook and I'd love to help you learn how to cook. In my opinion, cooking is the most important skill a person can have in order to be independent. It allows you to prepare your own food without having to pay someone else to do it, buy junk food, or just eat what you're given. Whether you've decided to go vegan, or just want to learn how to cook healthier food, or eat more vegetables, I'd love to help you!
I have a small vegan catering business: I deliver vegan lunch boxes to offices and individuals, and i also cater for small events such as birthday parties and social gatherings. I also have a food blog I've recently started.
I can teach you the basics of vegan cooking, or how to prepare a specific vegetable, or a particular cuisine you'd like to "veganize". Just tell me what you're like to learn and we can get to work.

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