Warframe for Everyone (both beginners and those stuck in-between!)

Tired of the pro's telling you to just "git gud" when you have difficulties?

eCoached by CephalonV
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You're just opening a loot crate when suddenly everyone else has already completed the mission and reached the extraction area? We were all noobs once, but some become more forgetful than others as time passes by.

Warframe can be absolutely overwhelming for newcomers. Instead of discouraging them, I choose to do something productive: to teach them what I've learned so far so they won't have a bad time.

Or perhaps you're not actually a newcomer. Maybe you've reached the point where you're stuck and can't go kill enemies beyond lvl30 on your own without dying. That's where I come in to help you take the step forward.


- Help you throughout the tutorial.
- Help you throughout every quest and mission.
- Help you farm resources, credits, blueprints, rare mods, and bosses.
- Help you unlock planet nodes and give you tips on each junction specter.
- Give you temporary access to my own personal dojo, where nearly all blueprints have already been unlocked, so you can replicate them and craft items you wouldn't be able to access in any other way.
- If you prefer voice chat guidance, instead of text chat guidance, we can chat through the in-game voice chat system.
- I'm bilingual so I can communicate in either English or Spanish.
- I can only help you on the PC Warframe servers (not on Xbox One or PS4).


- How to keep the game from crashing randomly.
- How to farm each type of relic (and the best spots for it).
- How void fissures and relic opening work.
- How to look up which relics you'll need to get what you want from the drop tables.
- How to farm each Warframe blueprint.
- How to kill each boss or assassin that haunts you (and how to eventually farm them for their exclusive drops).
- Which weapons are the best for you to progress quicker.
- Optimal damage types for each enemy faction.
- How to get started on the Syndicates (and how to level up 4 at once through careful micromanagement).
- Recommended mods.
- How and when to invest Forma/Orokin Reactors/Catalysts on Warframes and weapons.
- How and where to catch synthesis targets, and how to easily max out the daily synthesis standing.
- How to make your first Platinum.
- Tips and guidance throughout all of the mission types.
- Help and guidance on the Plains of Eidolon bounties on Cetus.
- Help you advance your Mastery Rank (and provide tips for each MR test).
- Help you understand the mechanics of each Warframe.
- Help and tips on how to level up your gear and Warframes faster.
- Resource farming.
- Well, besides explaining all this, I'll obviously help you throughout all of it!
- Any other doubt you have, or any help you need with anything else in the game.


- Give you gear, items or Platinum (though I'll help you earn it and learn how to do it on your own as well).
- Help you on PS4 or Xbox One.
- Do anything that could be against eCoaches' and/or Warframe's ToU.
- Video chat (it's not necessary anyway).

Once you book an appointment, think of all the questions and troubles you're having right now in Warframe. Write down a list. Prioritize them according to the difficulty they implicate for your progress in-game. Then, we can start working on them one by one as soon as our session begins.

If some are left out because of the time limit, keep them listed so we can continue with them on the next appointment (and add all the new ones you have!).


- Your IGN.
- Your timezone.
- That you book your appointment at least 24 hours in advance so I can ensure I have no distractions.

I'm currently MR20 in Warframe, and I have nearly all Warframes unlocked, which means I can easily adapt to any type of mission or circumstance you might need help with.

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