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I've been playing World of Warcraft for several years. I began playing at the start of Cataclysm. I can teach you everything you'd need to know about the game, from leveling / questing / dominating low level battlegrounds and dungeons, to end game Rated Battlegrounds and Raids. I've done a lot of PvP, though my focus throughout the years has been PvE. End game raiding on the highest difficulty. I've played every class and keep up to date on the best specs / play styles for every class since with each tier, every class changes slightly in which abilities/specs are optimal for certain encounters.

I'll also teach you more than just becoming one of the best players, I'll also explain several methods for making gold, the best methods where you'll actually need to be geared (As i've made literally millions of gold, topping out at about 400k gold in three and a half hours). Other methods where you don't even need to be near max level, thus you'll always have the best gear and enchantments while leveling up (So you'll level up even faster!).

I've taught over a dozen friends in the past couple years so they can reach the content I'm able to reach each tier/expansion and once I saw this site, I figured I'd do something like this so I can help others do the same. There is nothing worst than elitist players looking down on newcomers, it drives people away from the game. After I teach you the ways, you'll be as good as any of the 'elitist players', Just don't learn the attitude that comes with most elitists.

This will be my first time actually teaching anyone. I know you can't just teach everything in a session, so after a lesson, anytime you have a quick question, you can just message me it and I'll get back to you ASAP.

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