Course Pages that will Attract and Keep Students Engaged

Many online coaches list their profiles from site to site without really ever asking themselves, “what would make a student book me over anyone else?” This is why I’d like to provide our coaches with some top tips for creating the perfect course page that will attract more students and gain bookings.

I’m going to break up how to obtain students into three separate stages.

Stage 1: The visit
Stage 2: The interest
Stage 3: The booking

So, let’s begin!

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Rust Super-Teams Dominating Servers and Crowding Out Solo Players & Small Teams—Boring!

Sometimes you come across a game that’s just next level. To me, Rust was that game. From the moment I figured out how to craft tools, I was hooked. I ran around all day collecting materials and ran home at night to upgrade my base, cook food and craft items. The atmosphere in Rust is the most awe-inspiring experience I’ve had in a game since World of Warcraft was first released. Finally, a game that is breathtaking, innovative, and just all around next level.

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Learn From My Mistakes When Starting an Online Business and Save Money!

I’m ashamed to admit it, but before I started, I was totally unprepared for the two year journey that was about to start. In this blog, I’m going to lay out some issues that arose during that period, and how I managed to overcome them (but not after losing a ton of money). This information would have been tremendously valuable to me before I started, so I hope you can use it to your advantage before you start.

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Why Students Are Looking for Online Language Teachers and Why You Need to Jump on This Trend Now

If you’ve been in the education space for a while, you would have noticed that the demand for learning online has been skyrocketing. Critics of online learning say that it can never provide the same level of instruction as a more traditional classroom setting. However, the surge in popularity seems to suggest otherwise. So what is it that attracts people to the virtual classroom?

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How to Use an Online Teaching Platform to Reach Students

Do you love to teach, but don’t have a platform for spreading your knowledge to willing students? Our rapidly shifting economy means that there are a lot of people who are currently interested in learning new job skills. Whether they want to be more valuable in their current role, are gearing up for something new, or want to break out and do their own thing, they’re looking for experts to lead them to new knowledge. One of the easiest ways to connect educators and students is through online teaching platforms.

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Benefits of Teaching Online Language Courses

In recent years, you’ve undoubtedly noticed a huge increase in the amount of online classes being offered. Whether referred to as workshops, e-courses, or MOOCs, online classes are available for anyone with an Internet connection and a passion to seek the knowledge of others. From the true beginner looking to take his life in a different direction, to the seasoned veteran wanting to stay fresh in his industry, online classes offer an accessible, self-driven way to continue learning throughout life. This article will discuss the benefits an instructor receives from teaching online language courses.

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Overcoming the Fear of Trying Something New

So how do you overcome the fear of trying something new? Really, it all seems so silly at first that we can be so loathe to pick up a new craft. It's not like you plan on breaking into elevator shafts to catch a topside ride, or cling by nothing but your fingertips to Yosemite's famous rock formations. Unless you are, in which case good luck with that. Generally though, the fear of bodily harm isn't what restrains us. So come, let's take a stroll through the reasons for this hesitation, and figure out what you can do about it.

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5 Things I Learned Teaching English in Mexico

It was sort of a last minute decision listening to my heart when I booked a plane ticket to Mexico only a few hours before going into 10 days of silent meditation. I quickly emailed the language school director that I had been in contact with accepting his offer, then jumped on the bus to the course location. A few days after the meditation, I was on the plane towards Cuernavaca and began teaching only two days after my arrival.

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A New Era for Mentorship

In today's world, university degrees are a dime a dozen. You might feel like a hotshot with your fancy new degree, but you'll soon realize how little you know when you enter into the workforce and begin to work with those with 30-40 years of real world experience. So how do you keep up with your more experienced colleagues who've been in the industry for, probably, more years than you've been alive? The answer is mentorship.

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The global marketplace for education online

Online learning sites are an exciting new market and they’re already starting to change the way many people make a living. This brand new site is even better because it allows you to make money in not just one but two ways — sell your learning resources AND mentor people one on one, live. Online teachers and tutors are already making lots of money — you could be too.