10 Essential Tips for Successful Online Coaching

Know your skill – Be specific. Know what you’re good at and stick with it. Begin with a clear vision of what you want to share with your students. Don’t spread yourself too thin and offer a poorer quality experience, hone in on what your specialty is and teach it.

Research your competitors – Knowing what your competitors are offering will give you insight into what you need to offer and how you can improve on what you do. Research will go a long way into helping you improve your services.

Prepare your profile – Your profile is your front window. Students that are driven to your page will look to your profile page for reasons why they should choose you over your peers. You should spend as much time as possible making sure that everything you would look for in a profile is clearly visible. Once you’ve concluded on your profile’s content make sure that your profile is attractive to the eye. The first thing that any student will be exposed to will be your profile’s presentation. If your presentation is unattractive the student may be driven away and might not even make it to your content.

Produce content – Create content for your students to download. Make sure that the content is relevant to what you’re teaching and compliments your coaching sessions. If you’re having trouble deciding what content to make, ask your students for some feedback. Find out what they would like from you in terms of take home material.

Market yourself – Be proactive. If you want to increase your reputation as a coach then you’ll need to find students. The internet is filled with people looking for answers. Find where they go to find those answers and help them find you.

Be organized – You want to leave your student feeling that they’ve valued the time that they’ve spent with you. No matter how proficient you are at what you’re teaching, if you host your session unprepared you’ll leave the student feeling unsatisfied. Be prepared, know what you’re going to work on and host your session accordingly. A tip would be to communicate with the student prior to the session in order to make appropriate preparations. The more prepared you are the more content you’ll be able to get through in the set time and the better your reviews will be.

Record and review your sessions – Recording your sessions has a few benefits. Aside from dispute resolutions, recording your sessions allows you to build up an archive for future use. You can either put these sessions into your resource centre or use them for your own development. Make sure to periodically go back to old sessions and take notes. Find what worked and what didn’t, what the student enjoyed and what they didn’t. Learn from yourself.

Listen to your student – Find out what the student wants to learn, ask questions. Find out what they already know and what they need to learn and adjust your session accordingly. Your goal should be to make your sessions as efficient and effective as possible. Don’t spend time going over content that is child’s play to your student. The only way you’ll know what is and what isn’t child’s play is by asking. Learn from your student.

Add new content – Keeping fresh and up-to-date with new information is key to finding new students. New students may find you for your old content but your old students may not return if you don’t update what you have to offer. Students shouldn’t be the only ones learning, coaches should also be constantly looking to learn and improve what they have to offer.

Stay in contact – Keep in contact with past students. Follow up and see if they’ve found all the answers they’re looking for. If your old students have a few follow up questions, answer them. Help them outside of your sessions and stay in contact. Building long term relationships is key to becoming a successful online coach and maintaining a high level of positive reviews.


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