11 Best Blogs for Learning English


11 Best Blogs for Learning English


One of the best parts of learning English, or any new language, is that you can find loads of resources online. There is literally an ocean of material you can net online to enhance your English goals.

In fact, one of the best ways to move your learning English progress in a powerful way is through the use of blogs. You may already know that there is pretty much a blog out there for everyone and everything. From grooming the perfect mustache, to bedazzling your iPhone, blogs have become an institution for DIY learning.

And learning English using blogs is a great way to enhance nearly every major English skill you need to learn. Let’s take a closer look at the awesome content you can use to learn English while waiting for your next online English class.


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11 Best Blogs for Learning English


1. ESL Hip Hop Highlights Perfect Learning English Blogs on Stage

“ESL Hip Hop” is a fresh way to get your learning English on while enjoying hip-hop culture and your passion for music. Using blogs to learn English is fantastic, and using music with a blog is the perfect learning English storm. This site offers vocabulary lists, videos, and plenty of ESL skills like reading, listening, and grammar.


2. PhraseMix Certainly Mixes Up Your Learning English Routine

“PhraseMix” puts English phrases into perspective. This is one of the best blogs for finding unusual topics with a focus on detailed explanation of phrases in context. They even feature movie quotes, which are often trending in conversation. Most of the posts on PhraseMix are within 300 words helping you really focus on learning English through the written word. The site itself is easy to navigate and wonderful.


3. Espresso English Offers Basic Necessity Blogs for Learning English

Learning English doesn’t always need to be boring; because “Espresso English” will awaken your senses just like the clever coffee name they chose. Finding blogs with invaluable tools to add to your online English classes is important. This site covers a range of topics with great visual usage for any student audience, beginner levels to intermediate.


4. eCoaches is an Important Learning English Hub for Any Student

“eCoaches” offers students of all levels who are learning English to take advantage of their wide array of blogs. They also boast a large number of professional online teachers ready to give one-on-one classes. eCoaches is like a one stop English site, and there are tons of other languages you can check out while browsing the site as well. You can even build your own language exchange, becoming a tutor of your native tongue while learning English from one of their coaches.


5. ABA English Offers Content and Videos

“ABA English” is one of those blogs that stuns and surprises. It combines content and videos in a fun and exciting way to take your learning English plan up a notch. You will find pronunciation tips, slang, and also song lyrics to keep you humming English words all day long. There are even interactive videos letting you fill in missing words seen on the screen.


6. English with Jo Features a Wide Range of ESL Skills

From phrasal verbs to business English, “English with Jo” is a fantastic site for informative blogs. You will certainly stay busy with all the learning English topics covered in their daily posts. They also use videos and add information that is very useful to ESL students of all ages and English levels.


7. RealLife English has Comprehensive Learning English Blogs

This comprehensive learning English site has blogs galore. “RealLife English” offers ESL skills for beginner students, all the way to the advanced level. They feature podcasts and videos that also compliment their blog section nicely. The language used is also easy to read, and easy to understand with content separated into sections. You will also find helpful grammar, slang, and idiom tips too!


8. Booklady ESL Beat Blogs for the Daily ESL Student

The “Booklady ESL Beat” by Paper.li offers fantastic blogs for news, science, tech, business, etc. with learning English at the core. You can find almost everything you want while polishing your ESL skills between online classes with your teacher. They also boast a wonderful photo and video section to enhance your language learning experience.


9. Rolls off the Tongue Offers Unconventional Blogs for Learning English

“Rolls off the Tongue” is an unconventional site offering blogs for students wanting to learn outside of the box. If you dislike sitting in class for hours on end, this is a great learning English site to excite you about ESL again. They feature fun jokes visually with detailed explanations of why they are humorous. It also gives ESL students a look into the culture of English through a fresh way to learn more.


10. FluentU Places Emphasis on Blogs and Videos

“FluentU” has a lot of resources for those learning English. Similar to eCoaches, this site doesn’t focus solely on English. They have a large list of languages any student can learn. Their videos are also very informative, letting students focus on vocabulary, listening, reading, and pronunciation.


11. My English Tecaher.eu is Interactive and Fun for ESL Students

“My English Teacher.eu” features fun and interactive blogs that will catch your attention. They offer learning English skills combined with a wide range of content. This site will also enhance nearly all your ESL skills, such as pronunciation, grammar, reading, common phrases, and idioms. It is great for beginners to intermediates with a content that will also interest advanced ESL students for staying sharp.


Learning English doesn’t have to be challenging, especially with all the excellent ESL blogs online. It is essential to keep your English skills sharp between your online classes, making these sites a valuable edition to your overall ESL student efforts. Check out a few of these great sites and don’t forget to tell your eCoaches tutor about all the excellent material you learned. 



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