3 Tantalizing Titles To Engage Your Online Course Students


3 Tantalizing Titles To Engage Your Online Course Students


When it comes to online courses, developing catchy content is absolutely necessary, regardless of topic. Don’t let bland writing hold your online course back, especially after all the time and effort you diligently put into creating it. You may not be a professional wordsmith, or have a marketing mindset, but adding a bit of content gusto to your online course will go a long way.

Putting yourself in your audiences’ shoes is an exceptional first step toward developing content for your course. Envision a catchy line, or marketing flow that will intrigue your target audience, inspiring them to click purchase. Utilizing the eCoaches platform will allow you to engage your audience through live sessions, as well as through downloadable courses, so packaging your personality with fantastic content is essential.

Remember that one guy who created Apple? I think his name was Steve Jobs, or something like that? Yes, of course you know who Steve Jobs is, because Apple and Mr. Jobs were, and remain, packaged in a very unique, consumer specific way. The innovative leaps they achieve are groundbreaking, however, they continue to be packaged with consumer simplicity, desire and fashionable aesthetics in mind.


Why Packaging Matters

If you were an Apple product, how would you package yourself? You and the knowledge you are going to share with your audience via eCoaches is your unique product. A marketable commodity you wish to sell to a specific target audience. Even if your intentions are to offer your online course for free, you still want it to be sleek and inviting to your audience. If you market your knowledge by marketing your online course, success has no limits, just as Steve Jobs has revealed.

In the Internet marketing realm, you have between three to five seconds to intrigue the average browser. More often than not, most people will choose to click based on title and/or image. This makes developing a catchy title that resonates with your audience invaluable to your eCoaches online course’s success.


Elements of a Catchy Course Title

You may have already whipped up a course title before, during, or after developing your online course outline. Developing a working course outline in the beginning stages of your online course development will make creating a wonderfully engaging course, section and lecture titles easier. Crafting your online course titles is much like creating an email with optimal readability. Emails have a subject line, main points, and supporting content to the main points. The subject line of an email is essentially your course title.

Let’s examine a simple course title as an example, such as “Common English Idioms.” A future student of this course will know that this course is about English idioms. However, it lacks motivational elements that may inspire purchases. To package this course title with engaging potential students, it is vital to put your hat of endless creativity on.

Here are a few questions to ponder in order to package this course title example in a more engaging way.

- How many English Idioms are covered?
- Are they useful for a specific type of English student?
- What exciting adjectives can be employed?
- How can I make this course title different from others like it?

Upon answering the above questions, let’s say that there are 15 English idioms covered in the course, most of them could be used in a business setting, you have a thesaurus in hand, and you realize that the word “common” may not be very impressive. Using words that excite and provoke rapport and professionalism is best practice, and “common” is not very unique.

With a bit of brainstorming and notes taken, you can redevelop a motivating, engaging and purchase worthy course title, such as “15 Business Executive English Idioms Used Daily.” This of course is only one example, and you may find it useful to craft around five course titles to choose from.


Section Title Essentials

Don’t let your title crafting creativity stop after you have developed a course title that inspires. Your section titles are just as important, since they guide students through your online course material. Section titles are very similar to course titles, except that they have a complete sentence structure. Following our course title example, let’s examine a few section titles. Since you already have an online course outline ready for your eCoaches course, list out your sections. If you forgot about course sections all together, no problem, because they are easy to create.

Below are a few section titles that could be great for our course title example.

- Section1: Understanding English idioms in the office will boost your business potential, here’s how.
- Section 2: Popular English idioms that are boardroom ready.
- Section 3: Water cooler idioms that put you in the native English speaking driver seat.

Ensuring that your section titles are as engaging as your course title may nudge a potential student into a purchasing one. The way you craft your section titles is simply up to you. Maybe you like the structured sentence approach, or you prefer a subtitle type approach. The most important element is packaging, how it represents you as the subject aficionado, and the value it adds for potential students.


Lecture Titles that Launch Potential

Lecture titles are structured in the same way as section titles, aiming to enthuse students to learn. Like section titles, lecture titles are developed in sentence form, describing what each lecture is all about. They should be brief, informative and catchy. Think about lecture titles like mini course titles, only in sentence form. Your online course lectures are essentially like mini courses covering information regarding one aspect of a greater vision. Browse a few online course sites, like eCoaches for a better vista into titles and course content you wish to utilize in your next eCoaches online course.

The following lecture titles, paired with their corresponding section title, are excellent examples for our course title example.

- Section1: Understanding English idioms in the office will boost your business potential, here’s how.
- Lecture 1: Importance of idioms in native English speech.
- Lecture 2: What idioms do you know? Don’t use out dated idioms in your conversations.
- Lecture 3: Knowing when to insert an English idiom into a conversation.

Developing content that sells your online course is vital to your success as an online teacher. You want to share your knowledge with as wide of an audience as possible, boosting your educator profile while adding monetary gains to your entrepreneurial portfolio. Crafting course, section and lecture titles that have marketing potential for your talent and/or knowledge will open doors to your overall online course development. The eCoaches online course platform lets teachers harness their true value, from student base to easy course development, simply a click away.



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