5 Decisive Tips for Electing an Online Course Coaching Platform


5 Decisive Tips for Electing an Online Course Coaching Platform


Deciding which coaching platform to showcase your course is one of the most important decisions you will make as an online coach. There is no shortage of coaching platforms to choose from. However, finding the one that fits all your coaching needs can prove challenging at first. Examining all aspects of each platform is vital. Be on the hunt for varied percentages not in favor of coaches. As well as hidden pricing loopholes and terms of agreement shifts that may effect your profits negatively.  

The wonderful thing about choosing a coaching platform is that it’s simply a matter of choice, your choice. You have the power to decide, switch and hunt down a better deal if the mood strikes you. Making an informed decision right out of the gate is essential, and the following tips may prove useful during this exciting time of becoming an online coach.


1. Do Your Coaching Platform Homework

Your enthusiastic students shouldn’t be the only ones doing a bit of homework. When deciding on which coaching platform to elect, simply shopping around can be pivotal. Approach your platform decision much like if you were buying a new home or car. Imagine paying your local car dealership a visit, picking a new car, and throwing caution to the wind when it came down to interest rates.

It is a scary prospect to ponder, and it’s similar when shopping around for the best coaching platform. There are a few platforms with flat percentages, some with membership fees, and others with complex percentage points in place worthy of any Sopranos episode. Also, check out what others are saying online, via blogs and social media. Chances are, if someone is unhappy, they will express via the web.

Put your private investigative shoes on and pick through as many terms of agreements, or FAQ pages available for each platform’s website. You can make a simple list with each platform side by side to assist you in making the best decision. Diving head first into unknown depths may be disastrous in regards to your coaching profits.


2. Hunt Down Loopholes that Limit Profit Potential

Loopholes, fine print and hidden fees trickle into the equation quite often. It simply depends on the coaching platform you are looking into. You may not be a lawyer, but you may feel remotely close after browsing through various web pages.

Some coaching platforms reserve the right to change their terms of service at any time. For example, a widely known platform has made quite a few shifts in teacher take home percentages as of late. There is fine print that quickly diminishes profits based on how a student stumbles upon your online course.

Stay vigilant when it comes to your research, as it could seriously stunt your percentages and potential profits in the long term. There remain a few straightforward pricing plans still available if you know where to look, allowing you to focus more on course quality, rather than swimming through a sea of legal terms and percentage loopholes.


3. Market For Yourself, Not the Coaching Platform

In a nutshell, your audience is either driven to your course via organic or inorganic marketing. For example, organic marketing is when a student registers on your chosen platform and downloads your course. Inorganic marketing is when an existing registered student downloads your course, or is driven to the platform via internal marketing, and downloads your course. How does the coaching platform know the student is driven solely from you? Coupons.

There are a few coaching platforms that will give their coaches coupon codes as a way to entice future students. However, beware of the coupon trap, as it may drive traffic to the platform while decreasing your profits. The coupon system is important to understand, since you may think your take home percentage is say 70 percent, but if a student fails to register with your coupon code, you will receive a 30 percent cut instead.

Why use a coaching platform that profits from your marketing efforts? The platform is essentially a service, a service that should serve you, their client. If you spend your valuable time marketing your online course to simply drive more traffic to the platform, you may as well go it alone and harvest 100 percent of the profits instead.


4. You’re Never Locked In

Why do professional athletes fail to stay with a single team throughout their entire career? Because a better deal will always come along. You have poured your knowledge, effort and time into your online course, and you should get the best deal for your efforts.

One common mistake many online coaches make is that they upload and forget. You are never locked into a single platform, just as an athlete or executive is never locked into one team or opportunity. If you find that you are not getting the most for your coaching efforts, you can simply do a bit of browsing and switch to a platform that better suits you.

There are plenty of coaching platforms that are offering fixed fees, such as eCoaches. The early adopters of eCoaches have the opportunity to upload all their online courses and lock in a 10 percent fee for life. Let your unprecedented knowledge and hard work receive the audience and profits you deserve.


5. Stay Flexible

When deciding on which platform to elect moving forward in your coaching career, it is vital to focus on flexibility. Knowing what each platform offers before you register as a coach is just as important as understanding your profit percentages. Is the platform professional? Is their website responsive and appealing? What are the coaching limitations?

Most coaching platforms solely offer coaches the ability to upload pre-produced online courses students can download. However, there are a few platforms, such as eCoaches, that connect coaches with their audience via live sessions. This may have profit boosting potential, since many people want to engage in discussion over material, or ask important time sensitive questions.

Live sessions also allow you to build rapport with your audience, as well as confidence to purchase more of your courses, whether live sessions or downloadable. Adding value to your online course via live sessions is another way to maximize your profit potential.


Your strategy for deciding which platform to elect as a representative of your knowledge is indeed important. Covering all the decisive tips covered will assist you on making a more informed decision. Remember that you are the client, a customer to any platform, and the service you receive is never fixed. Stay up-to-date on shifting terms and profit percentages for the best deal, presently, and in the future.



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