7 Ways to Make Your Online Course Promo Video Successful


7 Ways to Make Your Online Course Promo Video Successful


Developing an online course for your specialized talent, skill, or industry dedication is a rewarding process. You have brainstormed and created a working outline for your online course, purchased necessary video and audio gear, and produced an informative video using talking head and screencast methods. You are ready and excited to upload your online coaching course and begin connecting with your audience. However, one very essential aspect is still missing, your online course promo video.

An online course promo video is possibly the most important piece to your online coaching success. Without a well-developed promo video, how will your audience ever know what to expect? Imagine going to the movie theater and spending $20 on a movie you know very little, or nothing about. Think of your promo video like an online course movie trailer. It needs to be inviting, informative, short, confident and personable.

An exceptional online course promo video also applies to live coaching sessions as well. Most students would feel slightly uncomfortable taking a shot in the dark with an online coach they didn’t get to watch explain their skills and quick course outline. Your audience is spending time and money to gain valuable knowledge you possess. Giving them a reason to click your online course via a promo video is staying one step ahead of the online coaching game.


1. Production Quality is Vital

Would you purchase an online course, or book a live coaching session if the promo video and audio quality was less than good? Probably not, since most consumers want to get the best for their buck. Your promo video is your first and only chance to connect with your students in a meaningful way. Your online course is your product, and marketing your product in an effective way is vital. Having the best gear is optimal, but not at all necessary. Simply having a 1080 HD camera with perfect audio will do just fine. Putting a sizable amount of time into your promo video will allow you to get the connection and profits your knowledge deserves.


2. Use a Talking Head Promo Video

There is a bit of debate regarding the use of talking head videos. In your online course, you can rely more on screencast, but your promo video should be 100% talking head. If you are offering live coaching sessions, your talking head promo video should represent what potential students can expect after booking your course. It can be challenging to talk on camera for any specific amount of time, but it remains the hallmark of any successful online coach. Ensure your shirt contrasts your background, look your best, and don’t forget to wear pants. Like any successful first impression, dressing to impress is the best way to connect. Remember that HD quality video shows all, so using a bit of on camera makeup never hurts production value.


3. Connect with Your Online Course Audience

Connect with your potential audience with an exceptional online course promo video that is inviting and personable. The best strategy is to imagine that you are on a first date. Inviting someone to join you for dinner is in many ways similar to inviting them to join you for an hour or two of live coaching, or learning, via an online course. You need to connect in a friendly way to make them want to say yes. Sharing a short anecdote will assist in easing fears or doubts, as long as it is a good story of course. Tell your potential audience about your experience learning the skill that you are now coaching. Adding background music can also be an effective way to connect with your audience, but make sure it’s appropriate and evokes positive vibes.


4. Build Potential Student Confidence

In the previous promo video tip, sharing a story can allow you to connect with your potential audience in a more meaningful way. A story can also put your viewers at ease, allowing them to have the confidence to click, as well as the confidence to learn. Let your audience feel that moment when you and the skill you are now coaching clicked. Share the moment it all began making sense. When you began feeling confident yourself. Use words in your speech that evokes confidence as well, putting them in a comfortable state.


5. Be Informative Without Overdoing It

There is a fine line between being informative and overdoing it in your online course promo video. Your audience may already see a brief outline of each course section, so there is no need to get too descriptive. Sticking with the main objective and a few short details on how you will get them to that objective is best practice. Many online coaches shun the use of a script, but if you find that rambling on about details is filling your promo video, a script can be useful. Your video length should also be on the short side. No need to produce a Sundance Film, since most online coaching platforms recommend a 90-120 second promo video.


6. Never Pressure to “Buy Now”

Marketing you and your skill via promo video can backfire if you become too aggressive. There is no need to pressure your potential online course audience. They Googled, or searched a coaching platform for a specific skill, which you just happen to offer. If you have exceptional video quality, great audio, connect and offer confidence in what you are coaching, than they will click your course. Saying, “buy now” or “get started today” are simply old marketing techniques left behind in used car lots. Add value to your online course through facts, knowledge, and an inviting atmosphere. This is the cornerstone to a successful promo video.


7. Be Natural and Have Fun

Most people don’t step into online coaching because they feel it will be frustrating and make their lives stressful. They more than likely are excited to share their knowledge with others while making a bit of profit on the side, just like you. Have fun and be yourself, because most potential students will pick up non-verbal communication that will turn them off. This is also essential for coaches offering live coaching sessions. You may be able to fake it during your promo video, but it will show during your live coaching session undoubtedly. Have fun and be the natural online course coach you have envisioned becoming.



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