8 Super Charged ESL Tips for Eager English Students of All Levels


8 Super Charged ESL Tips for Eager English Students of All Levels


ESL students are as varied as the many English skills they commit to learning. You may be an ESL student looking for a push to stay motivated to learn. You may also be in search of those little confidence boosters, allowing you to see progress toward becoming a savvy English speaker.

After all, ESL students come from different backgrounds, have different goals, and are learning English at different levels. This makes helpful ESL tips for learning invaluable. Whether you are a beginner, or an advanced level student, these super charged ESL tips will give you an extra push to grow and succeed.

Let’s take a closer look at eight super charged ESL tips for eager English students of all levels.


1. Keep Having Fun is an ESL Tip Many English Learners Forget

Most ESL students are learning English because they simply want to. It may be to get a long overdue promotion, or it may be the driving force behind world travel. Either way, you should always be having fun.

This tip is all about finding the reason you began learning a new language in the beginning. If you are dreading your English class, it’s time to make a change. Don’t give up on your learning goals, but simply find a new approach that is fun and exciting, like online classes.


2. Make Big ESL Goals and Small English Milestones to Stay Motivated and See Progress

Learning anything is challenging, regardless of how old you are, or how smart you may be. In order to stay motivated and confident as an ESL student, employ this English learning tip. Make one big language learning goal in order to stay focused.

Maybe a big goal like passing the TOEFL exam, or to be a conversational pro would be perfect for you. Within that big goal, set smaller goals called milestones to keep you motivated and seeing progress. Learning 10 new English words per day is a perfect milestone that will add up over time.


3. Important Tip: Never Forget Why You’re Learning English

Making a big goal as an ESL student usually has something to do with why you decided to learn English in the first place. This language learning tip is an important one, because it will give you the motivation to hurdle any learning obstacle.

Make your “WHY” an everyday message. Put it on your smartphone, tablet, and laptop screensaver and it will serve as a constant reminder to keep learning, and keep succeeding.


4. As an ESL Student it is Vital to Find Your English Weaknesses

No one wants to see his or her weaknesses up close. They are ugly and often a real bummer. However, how you visualize your success as an ESL student has a lot to do with finding your English weaknesses.

Maybe you are a pro at reading, but find yourself compiling sentences together instead of understanding each individual word. This means vocabulary is your weakness. Don’t ignore it, use it as motivation to set a new milestone and learn a set amount of new words per day, week, and month.


5. An ESL Tip for the English Student’s Mind, Body, and Soul

In order to be a successful ESL student that continues to grow in each English lesson, you must take care of yourself. This means nourishing your body, mind, and soul. The more rested and happy you are, the more you will learn and enjoy doing just that.

Get enough sleep, because your brain needs it. You can even listen to an English podcast or soothing podcast to combine rest with learning. You should also be eating that delicious brain food and skip the fast food. Whole grains and green leafy vegetables are a great place to start.


6. Study Outside of the ESL Classroom to Grow and Build Confidence

Many ESL students forget the importance of homework. As a budding English student looking to reach the advanced level, it is essential to take learning home with you. An excellent tip is never let your class time be the only hour of the day or week you learn a new language.

Create an ESL journal and use it to take notes in and write down new vocabulary and grammar. One effective way to bring learning home is to copy your notes each night in a separate journal.


7. Talk to Native English Speakers to Build on Your ESL Foundation

Talking to native English speakers as an ESL student is fun and will help you learn phrasal verbs, idioms, and slang. Many students don’t take this tip to heart, because talking to a native speaker can be scary.

However, have no fear, because most native speakers will enjoy helping you learn and speak their native tongue. You can find native speakers on Meet Up sites or you can attend language exchange mixers.


8. Best ESL Tip for English Learners is be Consistent

If you want to make your English goals to become an accomplishment, consistency is the key. Many ESL students take classes when they have time with no set schedule. Maybe you take two one hour classes this month, one the next month, and three the month after that.

Adding that up, it is only six hours of learning out of 2,160 hours. It would be challenging to learn anything with that little time committed. Stay consistent and you will most certainly see progress, and fast. 



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