A New Era for Mentorship

In today's world, university degrees are a dime a dozen. You might feel like a hotshot with your fancy new degree, but you'll soon realize how little you know when you enter into the workforce and begin to work with those with 30-40 years of real world experience. So how do you keep up with your more experienced colleagues who've been in the industry for, probably, more years than you've been alive? The answer is mentorship.

Mentorship provides those who are entering a new industry the opportunity to learn from those who've been in that same industry for many more. Learning from someone who has been through the same experiences that you're currently experiencing gives you invaluable insight as to how to avoid easy mistakes and get ahead of your peers, especially in a competitive industry.

"One good mentor can be more informative than a college education and more valuable than a decade's income." – Sean Stephenson

But just how do you find a mentor who's willing to give up their precious time to help you? After all, who are you?

Well, in the real world, finding the right mentor is no easy task. Historically, the etiquette required to acquire yourself a mentor involved a four step process: approach your potential mentor; apply some charm; convince them to meet you for coffee and a chat; inconspicuously pick their brain for information while trying to appear casual. Although there is no denying that mentorship plays an integral role in achieving success, this process is just so arduous and transparently phony! Not only that, but the mentee's efforts in holding back questions for the sake of appearing casual make for an inefficient way of learning. We want to give everyone the chance to find a mentor, without going through this strenuous, phony corporate nonsense.

Mentoring through eCoaches.com benefits both parties. The mentor now has a platform through which they can share their knowledge, help newcomers, and earn a new source of income. Conversely, the mentee now has easy access to any number of mentors, all with a wide range of experience and expertise. The mentee also avoids the painful process of entering a real world mentorship relationship. There is now a clear understanding between both parties of what the mentee is seeking; eliminating the need for the mentee to withhold questions for the fear of overwhelming the mentor and tarnishing the relationship.

Over the coming years, our goal is to streamline mentorship within competitive industries. As it currently stands, mentorship is predominantly only available to those who are ambitious and outgoing enough to seek it—we want to change this. We truly believe in the value that a mentorship relationship provides, and this is why we've created a marketplace that facilitates it. We're sure that with our growing community interest, and the current system of acquiring a mentor being so cumbersome, we'll soon be able to achieve our goal of changing the way that individuals conduct their mentoring and make mentors more accessible to everyone.


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