Benefits of Teaching Online Language Courses


Benefits of Teaching Online Language Courses


In recent years, you’ve undoubtedly noticed a huge increase in the amount of online classes being offered. Whether referred to as workshops, e-courses, or MOOCs, online classes are available for anyone with an Internet connection and a passion to seek the knowledge of others.

From the true beginner looking to take his life in a different direction, to the seasoned veteran wanting to stay fresh in his industry, online classes offer an accessible, self-driven way to continue learning throughout life.

This article will discuss the benefits an instructor receives from teaching online language courses.


Increased Credibility and Authority

Teaching a course is a great way to differentiate yourself from your peers within your industry. Everyone knows that first impressions count—this is especially true in job interviews. There’s no better way to make a better first impression on your potential employer than showing your interviewer you have the kind of self-motivation required to go out on your own and create your own online courses in the field you’re applying for.

If you’re searching for a job that requires intensive use of multiple languages—such as a translator—the fact that you’ve taught an online language course will certainly get you into more interviews. Teaching a language to students requires you to have a solid understanding of both the language you’re trying to teach, as well as the language of your students—a skill any translator must have.


The Chance of Virality

If you provide a valuable product or service to your audience online, they can immediately share it with hundreds, even thousands of people, with just one click. Even if only a small percentage of those people end up purchasing your course, you’re still making additional sales without lifting a finger. This is called the multiplier effect, or if you’re lucky, virality.

By creating an e-course, you’re giving your services the chance of virality, which can benefit you greatly in the long-run. In fact, developing an online language course that goes viral can potentially eliminate the need for you to ever work again! That’s the true power of the internet.



E-courses are yet another way you can offer your services to students. Traditional methods of teaching students can be quite limiting, the internet gives you the power to reach more students at once than ever before. By offering an e-course in addition to your classrooms, blogs, e-books and other learning resources, you diversify your portfolio and maximize the reach of your services. The more you have to offer, the larger your potential pool of students becomes.


Learning From Teaching

As you’re expected to have an expert-level understanding of the subject matter you teach, you’ll often spend a lot of time while creating an e-course actually learning more yourself.

When designing a language-based e-course, you’ll want to be able to explain etymology and other seemingly nuanced information regarding the language you’re teaching. This may require you to challenge your own preconceived notions and ideas, and actually engage in deeper learning on your own before moving further in your instructional planning.

By deciding to teach a language through an e-course, you become a more dedicated student of the language in the process.


Learning About Teaching

Regardless of the material you teach, when creating an e-course you’ll discover a lot about what goes into actually teaching others. You’ll find it’s much more than simply presenting information for your students to take in. It involves researching, creating, and implementing resources to supplement learning. It requires an understanding of how people learn, and how to best reach those who need assistance. It requires knowing how to assess not only whether or not your students understand the material you’ve presented, but also whether or not your presentation of such material has been effective.

Teaching is an art form that needs to be perfected. The more you learn about teaching, the more effective your teachings become and the easier it becomes to impart your wisdom on to others. Using your newfound teaching methods you’ll be able to improve your student’s retention rate both inside and outside the classroom, teach other teachers through blogs or e-books, or even create “meta” e-courses revolving around how to successfully create an e-course and engage your students.


By putting together a single e-course, you open up infinite possibilities for your career as a blogger, writer, and teacher.



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