Borderless Benefits to Teaching Language Online


Borderless Benefits to Teaching Language Online


The days of teaching a foreign language abroad and spending countless months struggling to scrape by in a completely different country are over. Many language teachers who set out to explore new and thrilling cultures while teaching their native tongue often find it challenging to simply make ends meet. Even in developing countries, foreign language teachers may find their days filled with transferring from one subway line or bus to another, in order to even reach their students.


Teaching abroad can most certainly be rewarding, there is no qualms about that. However, teaching a foreign language online can be just as rewarding, as well as less time consuming. Less time in a classroom allows you to travel, fulfilling your intentions abroad from the very beginning of your wanderlust journey. Language teachers on eCoaches have already begun to take their careers as teachers to an online platform—freeing themselves up while getting paid.


The wealth of benefits associated with teaching a foreign language online is indeed compelling. You can spend more time connecting with your adopted city or town’s culture. You can connect with more than just one specific culture. Your range in student levels, ages and professions is also more robust. Not to mention, the pay is often higher after calculating taxis, buses, subways, coffees, and just exerted energy when classroom teaching. Besides, who said you couldn’t do both?


Let’s take a closer look at some of the borderless benefits teaching a foreign language with eCoaches offers.


Spend more time connecting with culture, and less time in a bus seat. Reaching students can often be a challenging prospect, depending on your chosen destination for teaching. When teaching a foreign language abroad to students, you can go about it in two different ways. You can either sign a contract and work with a language school, or spend an eternity of evenings browsing and/or posting ads on Craigslist.


You can easily make money using both, however, you may find yourself commuting all over an unknown city to give classes. Online teaching opens doors to more adventurous opportunities. You can connect with your eager students from around the world online, allowing you to spend more quality time exploring the culture you had aspired to see. Another culturally minded benefit to teaching online is that your virtual classroom can be anywhere. You can travel entire continents while holding down a steady teaching career from hostels, coffee shops and restaurants along the way.


Become culturally versatile. Imagine having access to hundreds, if not thousands of students across the globe eager to learn your native language, which can all be accomplished from the comfort of your sofa. Now imagine you are stuck in a sweltering office, teaching the same group of unenthused employees on their lunch break. Which one sounds more enticing to you? In fact, the latter is an unfortunate and harsh reality many teachers abroad face daily. Language teachers often find themselves at the mercy of language schools’ contracts with companies.


Teaching language online will empower you to make your own decisions, without being tied to a specific class or culture. Online teaching platforms like eCoaches are your virtual classroom to a wealth of interesting cultures you may have never imagined instructing. You may have a morning class with a doctor in Japan, an afternoon class with a university professor in Mexico, and finishing an evening class with a senior executive from Russia, who happens to live in Denmark. The eCoaches online platform is as borderless as you want it to be.


Spread your wings while expanding your teaching experience. A classroom with borderless benefits, also promotes borderless professional experience. When you limit yourself to just one place to expand your language teaching horizons, you may lose valuable teaching gusto. Online language teaching boasts benefits that will let you see past your afternoon lesson with four middle-aged marketing professionals who all happen to be Intermediate English speakers.


Why settle for the mundane? Utilizing an online language-teaching platform like eCoaches will allow you to connect with language learners at different language levels and ages from a variety of countries. This unprecedented experience is necessary, whether you want to land a language-teaching contract from a foreign oil company, or simply make your resume more robust.


More money equals more travel. A lot of language teachers that spend six months to a year abroad often find themselves begging a relative for a return plane ticket without a dollar to their name. This is unfortunately due to the wages involved in classroom teaching abroad. Many language schools get those big company contracts signed, but the monetary benefits very rarely trickle down to the teachers putting in the long hours.


If you are a native speaker of your language, don’t sell yourself short, because your language is valuable to those who want to learn it. Online teaching platforms like eCoaches have fantastic money-minded benefits that teaching in classrooms abroad simply cannot compete with. If you add up your transportation fees, maybe a few coffees, and lunch while on the go, your daily earnings can quickly diminish. Online language teaching is an at home, or hostel/hotel endeavor, keeping those expenses as low as possible. You will get the pay you deserve for your expert teaching skills, keeping you and your students motivated and feeling good virtual vibes.


Who said you couldn’t do both? There are a plethora of language teachers abroad who are supplementing teaching income with online classes. You can always offer your online language classes and see just how far it will take you. You simply never know, and you may be surprised to find that eCoaches offers the simplicity, student base and pay that will keep teaching as borderless as your dreams. Keep your opportunities as open and versatile as your aspirations to explore new countries and connect with wonderfully intriguing cultures. Spread your wings with an exceptional online teaching platform that offers the flexibility and pay you deserve.


Where will your wanderlust and eCoaches online language-teaching platform take you next?


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