Course Pages that will Attract and Keep Students Engaged


Course Pages that will Attract and Keep Students Engaged


Many online coaches list their profiles from site to site without really ever asking themselves, “what would make a student book me over anyone else?” This is why I’d like to provide our coaches with some top tips for creating the perfect course page that will attract more students and gain bookings.

I’m going to break up how to obtain students into three separate stages.

Stage 1: The visit
Stage 2: The engagement
Stage 3: The booking

So, let’s begin!


Stage 1: The Visit

The three things a student is first going to take notice of before visiting your profile is your course image, price and feedback; anything else is just irrelevant. So given this, let’s focus on perfecting these three things.

1. Your course image
Your course image should either be of you, or something related to your course topic. Whatever image you decide to use, you need to make sure the image is going to fit into the tile. In order to fit your image on the eCoaches website, you need to crop it correctly (the information is provided above the upload image function). If you cannot get your image to fit, please contact eCoaches staff and we will happily crop your image for you! Any time, day or night, we’ll be there to help you get through this process.

2. Price
Selecting a price for your course is not always that easy. There are a lot of factors that will determine what you’re able to charge. However, as a general rule, a great tip is to always undercharge for the first few lessons. Even if you’re doing sessions for $5 an hour, feedback on your profile is much more valuable than the extra $15 you probably deserve. You have to ask yourself, when was the last time you purchased something on a marketplace where the seller had no feedback? Unless the user has something on offer that I truly truly want, it's very rare. Sacrifice your early earning potential to build that initial feedback and it could pay off in the long-run when you’re the coach with all the feedback and your peers are still left with none trying to attract students for the full $20 per hour.

3. Feedback
As we’ve just mentioned, this is likely the deciding factor of whether a student will visit your profile. If possible, try and market yourself outside of the site to bring students you already know to your profile and make bookings. This obviously sounds like a typical sales pitch, but it honestly benefits you in the long-run. Everyone understands how these marketplaces work: without the feedback, buyers won’t buy. You really need to force feed that early feedback so that when the traffic does come, and believe us it’s already here, they won’t be discouraged by the lack of feedback. Just remember to always ask yourself, “if I was a student with $20 to spend, would this profile satisfy my reservations?” If your profile has no feedback, I can assure you that the answer, in many cases, will come back as no. You've got to work just a little harder to gain that early feedback. Once you've got it, your sales will grow exponentially.


Stage 2: The engagement

Once the student has visited your profile, you have to keep them there. Simply uploading a picture and a paragraph of text is not enough. You need to generate the content that will answer all the students questions and squash all their qualms. How do you do this? By providing the student with the following…

1. Tell the student as much about you as possible
You need to release as much information about you as possible. What’s the best example of what potential clients would want to know? Use LinkedIn’s template as a guide!

About you
Provide the student with some information about you
Your experience
List your jobs you’ve had in your chosen subject
List your specific skills within your chosen subject
Education (optional)
List schools and universities that you’ve attended, along with your achievements
Offer to provide your resume upon request
Ask your other students to provide you with some testimonials to use in your profile

2. Answer three basic questions

Your students will always have three basic questions…

What am I going to learn and what are the benefits?
What skill level is this for?
What will I need for the session?

If your student is satisfied with the answers to these three basic questions, and they believe they meet the requirements, they have a much greater chance of making the booking. You need to answer these basic questions! Students aren’t going to contact you to ask these questions, the internet is fast-paced and you’ve got to preempt these things!

3. Create an introductory video
Before you even think it, I know, I know! You hate being on camera, we all do! I’ll let you in on a little secret, I had to go have a drink before I made the eCoaches videos! I cannot stand it, and you probably can’t either. But if you want to succeed in online coaching, it’s the best way. We’ve already seen that our coaches with the most bookings all have an introductory video. Please take a look at Stephen, That JavaScript Guy’s course page. It has to be the best example so far of not only how to create a great introductory video, but how to set up your page. I’m actually jealous of his ability on camera, he’s quite skilled. If you do struggle to create a video, check out our 4 online coaching tips for online coach confidence on camera.

4. Offer more than just a one hour session in a subject
Take a look again at Stephen, That JavaScript Guy’s course page. Seriously, I love this guy! Stephen’s sessions come with a free evaluation session for every new student in order to understand where their current ability is. This is highly recommended for every subject, as not only does it allow you to find where the student’s ability is, but it also allows you to build a relationship.

On top of this, Stephen offers his students a personalised report with feedback at the end of every lesson as well as the option to have lessons recorded. The value for money Stephen offers his students is far superior to a lot of other online learning websites, it’s no wonder he’s already received bookings.

One last thing about Stephen’s page and then I swear I’ll shut up about it! You’ll notice that he’s listed the structure of his lessons. This is tremendously attractive to potential students. It allows them to gain insight into exactly how their session will work. Again, it all comes back to “has this coach given me enough information for me to want to book a session with them and spend $20?” For Stephen, I would say definitely, yes! 


Stage 3: The booking

So you’ve attracted the student to your page, and they’ve continued to read through your content, they’re satisfied and want to make a booking, what else can go wrong you ask? A lot!

You’ve done a good job so far, but you’ve got to keep up the pace. We currently give coaches the option to set their booking calendar, or not. This may change in the future as I strongly believe that sending a request via a messaging system is very unattractive. Think about it… you’ve just been sold on a session but now you’ve got to organize a time. Where is the coach located? What day is he available? How long will this take to get organized? Forget it!

I really don’t think this is an effective way to run your coaching course. If you really want to get bookings, you need to set up your booking calendar. You’ve better off setting the times you think you’ll be available and then negotiating with the student once they’ve made contact. At least give the student some times to choose from so they have a rough idea of what’s available. Don’t be lazy, set up your calendar!

Also, don’t forget to check your emails! If a student makes a booking for tomorrow, you need to respond as soon as you can to let them know whether you’re available or not. You really don’t want to let the people who have shown an interest in you down. Don’t forget, not only are you missing out on the original sale, but all of the continued sales in the future. Once you build a relationship with a student, you could have it for life. Don’t let that opportunity go!


Just remember to always look at your profile through the eyes of your potential student. Always ask yourself, “if I were on this page as a student, is there enough information here to convince me to make the booking?” If not, go back, reassess and edit until you’ve convinced yourself. If you can’t convince yourself, what chance do you have with a student?

If you’re still struggling with any of the above, please contact us! I’m going to be personally helping coaches set up their profiles and generate more content. To book a free 30 minute session with me, please visit my course page.



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