Earning With eLearning


Earning With eLearning

The opportunities that we are faced with in today’s world are nothing short of extraordinary. Internet and technology have given us new ways to communicate our ideas on a global scale in an instant.

We’re now at a point where technology is sufficiently advanced enough to support a global marketplace for education. In Australia we see the rollout of NBN: a significant advancement of our internet technology that allows us to upload high quality videos and use live video chat without lag or quality issues. If we were to try and release a global marketplace for education online 5 or 10 years ago, our coaches would have had insufficient means to host their sessions or create quality content. The release of eCoaches could not have been timed any better.

Australians are rapidly adjusting to these advancements in technology. We are only just now getting to understand and accept the potential of these sharing platforms as a new source of income. In a recent survey conducted by Airtasker, it was discovered that since January the number of Australians using sharing platforms has doubled from 4% to 8%. As more and more people make these adjustments, both the capacity to become a “micro-entrepreneur” and potential income increase.

I’ve always believed in being paid based on your output. I believe the reason that we don’t see high quality courses on free streaming services is that education just isn’t something that should or can be paid for per view. Education is not the same as entertainment. It’s both fascinating and insane that fewer people will watch a video about physics than will watch a video of a panda sneezing. Why would anyone bother creating quality educational content when some cat playing a keyboard has 41 million views? This system just doesn’t work for education; educators need to be paid per student.

So we’ve solved the problem of educators not being paid for content, but what else does eCoaches provide its users with? Well aside from giving educators a place where they know they’ll be paid, the most exciting thing that eCoaches offers its users is the variety of ways in which coaches can sell their services. Not only can they host live one on one or group sessions, or create and sell their own video series, but they also have the ability to upload for sale eBooks, PDFs, Office Docs, code, images.. anything! And as eCoaches becomes the number one online library for user generated educational content, the sale of these items could see them earning more money than what they actually earn using their skill at work!

Although eLearning is in its early stages, we have seen cases where online educators are already making an obscene amount of money. In one case that we’ve seen, and we’ve seen quite a few, an educator who posts his content online has generated a whopping USD$42 million in revenue! These aren’t the norm, but you can see the potential that the future holds for this industry. I don’t know about you but I like to feel safety in numbers. As I write this blog your potential classroom has expanded from 30 students to 3.17 billion.

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The global marketplace for education online

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