eCoaches and the Gaming Industry

My initial idea for eCoaches was born out of the gaming industry. This is one of the most rapidly changing industries in the world. Since my generation (the home console generation) have grown into adults, gaming has become a mainstream adult activity. This is still new in our culture and will only continue to grow as generations that follow are brought up playing more and more technologically advanced games.

eSports has grown rapidly over the last 10 years thanks to advances in technology and game mechanics. Gaming as a sport allows anyone to participate without prejudice while creating artificial worlds for them to participate in. As technology grows and internet becomes accessible from all points of the globe, games will become even more international and competitive. There is really no other type of sport that has the potential to be as global and as accepting as eSports. Players are already competing against (or with) each other every day all over the globe, all from their home computer chair. As internet speeds increase we'll see complete globalization of servers and that's when eSports will really hit its peak. What traditional sports have taught us is that people love to watch the best of the best compete against each other. The same will hold true for eSports as it continues to grow.

What eCoaches provides the gaming industry is a new way for anyone to share their skills and knowledge. Although the site will allow its coaches to create and upload video content for students to download, the main point of difference, at least within the gaming industry, is that we want to create the live interactional experience. Allowing players to ask questions as they're learning makes for a much greater learning experience. This rule applies universally to any subject throughout life.

Of course, players could always seek out education from streaming services. However, the problem that we have with video streaming services for learning is that you can’t ask the person instructing you questions. You can post comments, but most of the time it's doubtful that the uploader will ever get back to you, especially if they’re a popular uploader with many followers. Many of the videos that we see uploaded onto streaming services seem to be for entertainment purposes; and its uploader’s behaviour proves this, especially when we’re talking about live streaming. We want our users to create and package quality content that is all in one place and purely for educational purposes, without all the silly gimmicks of loud noises and free giveaways.

Learning strategies from the best is essential for success in any sport. It's an intuitive fact that anyone who has become a professional player in a game has learnt from other players. No professional begins and builds their career solely on their own strategies. They all learn from other players and either replicate their strategies for their own game or create counter-strategies. This is just a natural process of becoming a professional; and anyone who takes their gaming seriously will want to meet others at, or greater than, their skill level to do the same. Sometimes friends are not equipped with what it takes to advance you to the next level, and finding the right people who are can prove to be difficult. This is why eCoaches exists, to help match players and increase the overall skill level in the competitive side of the eSports industry.


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