How to Become a VIP With eCoaches


How to Become a VIP With eCoaches


Becoming a VIP with eCoaches is not something that everyone will be able to achieve. In order for these accounts to hold a valuable status we need to keep the VIP-to-Membership ratio reasonable.

Although not everyone will be able to have a VIP account, we would like to run you through the process and give you 8 quick tips ahead of time so that you have the best possible chance you can have if you’ve taken the time to read this blog.


Our Process

In order to best assess our applicants we have refined our application process. The process looks something like this:

  1. Respond to your email request with our application form attached
  2. Read, assess and take notes on your application once it's been filled out and sent back
  3. Look through our database for existing coaches in the same field
  4. Compare information of applicant against existing coaches in the same field
  5. Contact applicant if necessary for follow up questions
  6. Make our final decision
  7. Contact applicant if successful via email

Please note that only successful applicants will be notified. We process all VIP requests within a 1 week period. If your account's status has not changed within 1 week you know you've been unsuccessful this time around. Unsuccessful applicants will be able to re-apply, however we ask that they wait a minimum of 3 months before re-applying. So if you don’t get in the first time, we encourage you to re-apply in another 3 months time. Please remember that VIP memberships will be extremely scarce, most people will not be accepted into the program. Please see below for more information as to how to better improve your chances.


Apply for a VIP


8 tips to get you there


1) Know your stuff

Obviously VIP status is reserved for those with extensive knowledge in their field. Before you even think about applying you should self-assess your skill level versus your peers. If you think you have what it takes to represent eCoaches as a VIP member then begin the application process.


2) Take your time

Take your time filling out the application, don’t rush it! It’s important to us that we only accept applicants who are here for the long-term. Rushing your application will only give us the impression that you’re not really up to the challenge of representing us. Make sure to fill out the form as thoroughly as possible and then read it back to yourself to make sure it all makes sense.


3) Prove your skills

So you’ve looked at your skills and come to the conclusion that you have what it takes.. awesome! Now we need some proof of your skills. Make sure to provide us with indisputable proof that you’re a master of your craft. This will give us some insight into what you’re able to provide potential students as an eCoaches VIP representative.


4) Sell yourself to us

So you’ve got the skill, and you’ve got the proof, now sell yourself!

Just as with any job application, you’re going to have to convince us that eCoaches needs you. Don’t be turned off by this, it’s just a way of sorting out who’s really here to take coaching seriously, and who’s just in this to save themselves some money on fees. We want to know why you should represent us.


5) Get in early

As you’ll notice in our application process, we do compare you against other coaches in the same field. The earlier you get in, the less competition you have to put yourself up against. Applying with us early will ensure that you have the greatest possible chance to become a successful applicant.


6) Be both patient & persistent

Assessing all of our applications will take some time. We will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible, but in the meantime we appreciate your patience. As previously mentioned, we accept new applications per person every 3 months. So if you don’t get in the first time, be both patient and persistent. We appreciate the time that it takes for our applicants to fill out our forms and send them in, this will be noted when an applicant has been with us a long time and repeatedly attempted to become a VIP.


7) Level up your account

Unless the applicant is extraordinary, we will give preference to those who have used our platform before. The higher level your account is, the more chance you have of being accepted to become one of our representatives. A high level account proves to us that you both have what it takes and that you’re here for the long-run.


8) Maintain high feedback scores

This one’s a no brainer! The more you satisfy your students, the more convinced we are that you’re a valued coach. If you’re able to maintain a high feedback score as well as level your account past your peers then you’re almost sure to gain VIP status. If you’re not receiving feedback from your students, make sure to follow up with them.



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