I'm Having Fun, I Swear!


I’m Having Fun, I Swear!

You spend countless hours on a game only to find yourself yelling at the screen. Your misfortunate could only come from your faulty equipment that you incessantly stare at, expecting a magical transformation that will improve your play. An unsuspecting neighbor asks you why insist on partaking in an activity that inevitably ends in rage, only to fall victim to the fury of a frustrated gamer. You take a brief moment of reflection only to realize that your neighbor might have a point. Why do you keep playing such an infuriating game? Why do you find yourself wanting to play the game?

You remind yourself and your neighbors that you enjoy playing the game, despite how much stress or grief it gives you. “Having fun” can have many definitions, some of which can overlap, depending on the type of person you are. Fun can indicate that something is relaxing to you; it is something that can distract you from the more taxing parts of your life. For some, fulfilling a thirst for competition is what makes something fun. The competition can come opponents, both human and digital, or from yourself. Perhaps your drive for self-improvement and discipline are what motivate you to play. Or maybe those opponents are better suited as members of a community. The game acts as your social network to others.

Why, however, do you get so upset from a video game? Maybe it is because you feel emotionally invested. You make decisions and the game can either reward you or punish you. Your abilities and thoughts are being evaluated by a ruthless game. It is likely that most gamers, whatever their definition of fun is, will find themselves frustrated not only with the game, but also with themselves. Winning is usually more enjoyable than losing. Sure, a hard fought loss can be appreciated, but a hard fought win is that much more satisfying. If you do not find yourself getting frustrated or discouraged while playing video games, then good on you. That does not mean you should not aim to improve. Much of the appeal of video games comes from learning the ins and outs of them. You are given a new environment with certain rules and techniques that you pick up along the way. How fun can a game be without a certain level of challenge? Your performance will inevitably affect your level of enjoyment to some degree.

Perhaps you should consider being more proactive about improving your play. Maybe you want to master a specific game or skill, or maybe you just want to acquire the right tools to tackle all sorts of challenges. Most importantly though, just have fun! If you do not feel joy or satisfaction from a game that is supposed to entertain you in one way or another, then it is probably time to reflect on why that is.


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