Inside the Mind of an Entrepreneur


Inside the mind of an entrepreneur


When most people think of an entrepreneur, they think of a person who’s looking to get rich. In this short blog, I’m going to put the case forward that this is a fallacy. I’m going to argue that being an entrepreneur, for the most part, is not about getting rich, but rather the pursuit of something more consequential—fulfillment.


Time and time again people who know me ask if I’m a millionaire yet. Why? Because I’m an entrepreneur (I actually hate the word ‘entrepreneur’, but because there’s no substitute I hate less, I’ll have to stick with it). What these people are not seeing is that entrepreneurship is much more than the quest for money, it’s about drive, passion for work, self-improvement, ambition and above all… fulfillment. There are plenty of other, safer, ways of becoming rich. Why would someone whose eyes are solely on becoming a millionaire become an entrepreneur? It’s too risky… You’re statistically more likely to become broke than rich.


If you actually speak to a successful entrepreneur, I would be willing to bet their answer to “why did you become an entrepreneur?” will not be “because I wanted to be rich.” I imagine that most people would find their answer fake if it isn’t so, but I’d also be willing to bet that they’re being genuine.


Of course, you need money to have entrepreneurship. I’m not going to argue that entrepreneurs don’t want money, that’s obviously true for everyone on the planet (no matter what their political stance is, no-one is going to turn down money). My argument is that no entrepreneur wakes up one morning and risks it all just to take a chance on winning big and being able to afford a bigger house. No! If anything it’s about building your own career and going to work every day, happy! It’s about the pursuit of happiness (good movie).


We are all looking for different things out of life. Some of us want to explore, some of us want to spend time with our friends, some of us want to build a family, and some of us just want to build a business! It’s a challenge, it’s exciting, it’s rewarding in a million ways other than money. It simply grows you as a human being, I imagine not too dissimilar to having kids. We’re all different, and that’s what makes us interesting.


So next time you go to ask your entrepreneur friend if he’s rich yet, ask him about his business instead. I guarantee you’ll get a much more enthusiastic response.


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