Keeping Up With the Mental Game

Keeping up With the Mental Game


Success in competitive environments requires more than just technical skill or intellect. The emotional aspect to competition affects your mindset and ultimately your performance. Physical endurance develops naturally while mental endurance requires active thought and effort. The mental game cannot be salvaged by muscle memory or physical prowess. It is what separates leaders from followers and stars from commoners.

The personal trainer or life coach is present in numerous high-level positions in a wide variety of fields. The conventional athlete’s trainer does more than provide a workout routine, especially since any accomplished athlete can work out on his or her own. Instead, the trainer is there to provide the motivation and discipline required to perform at the highest possible level. A successful business executive will have a life coach to promote a high-functioning and more efficient lifestyle. The decisions made at the executive level require the proper method and control that can only be maintained with rigorous training.

Improvement in any skill or field comes only with the proper mentality. Without ambition, perseverance, discipline, preparation, or regulation, the path to success becomes vague and convoluted. It is difficult to accurately examine yourself without bias or preconceptions. The power of the non-biased third party is especially important when substantial improvement and progress is sought after.

It’s important to remember that the coach is more than just a technical instructor. Sure, the coach provides the structure, foundation, and game plan for improvement, but the coach becomes so much more than that; he or she becomes a guide, an advisor, and a mentor. Technical skill, while important, will only take a person so far in a competitive environment. Without the proper guidance for continuous improvement that a coach provides, or the proper mindset for perseverance and development, the competitor will undoubtedly eventually fail.


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