Looking Forward


Looking forward

2015 has been a tough year for us working on eCoaches.com. We faced many challenges throughout the year but in the end we’ve overcome them all. We’ve managed to create something truly beautiful out of nothing.

Going from nothing to something has not been easy, it never is. Even now, after the site has been fully developed, we’re still facing legal and tax obstacles. Looking forward into 2016 however, we remain quite optimistic. Optimistic about overcoming these last minute challenges, having a successful launch, and seeing substantial start-up growth. The positive feedback we’ve received so far keeps us in good spirits throughout the challenging times and gives us the optimism required to push forward.

Looking back on 2015 we’ve come to realise that the most exciting time for us was the launch of our pre-launch site. This was so exciting for us because we could finally tell the world what we were doing! We had kept the project a secret for so long and were all dying to tell everyone what we were up to. So finally, the day came and it lived up to all of our expectations.

Our initial pre-launch YouTube videos were a huge success. Within a week we had over 10,000 views, and within two weeks we had over 20,000. It was around this time that we felt vindicated that all of the work we were doing was paying off and people were genuinely interested in what we were doing. My belief is that a pre-launch site is not that interesting. I personally believe that if our pre-launch site can generate that kind of interest, then our actual site has the potential to go crazy! If there’s one thing that the pre-launch site tells us it’s that we’ve got the potential for a lot of exciting times ahead!

With the success of our pre-launch site, one might ask what our biggest concern is looking forward into 2016. To answer that honestly I would have to say the uncertainty of human behaviour. We know that our site has the potential to go global and be a benefit to millions of people worldwide. However, it’s not easy an easy task finding early adopters. The biggest hurdle we face is getting the early adopters that we have found to spend the time it takes to build their profiles. To combat this issue we’ve made the account creation process, as well as course creation, as fast and easy as possible. We have thousands of prospective online coaches ready to go. The question remains however, have we made it fast and easy enough? We think so, but only time will tell…

I’m a big believer in setting short-term goals. In 2016, eCoaches aims to establish itself in the eLearning market as a go-to source for online learning. So far, with all the challenges we’ve faced, my motto has always been “whatever it takes.” Whether it’s YouTube or TV ads, blogs, radio interviews, TV appearances, guest speaking, hosting events, putting up posters, sitting on social media for hours on end, all domestic or internationally, whatever it takes, I’ll be there!

2016 is not going to be easy but I truly believe that it’s going to be a great year for us here at eCoaches.com!


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