Online Course YouTube Marketing for Success


Online Course YouTube Marketing for Success


When it comes to marketing your online course, whether it is a live coaching session or downloadable course, YouTube should not be overlooked. It is the second largest search engine in the world with a billion unique users every month. This makes it an invaluable marketing resource.

In fact, the top 100 brands in the world use YouTube for marketing. And you and your knowledge are a brand. Many eCoaches simply rely on one or two marketing avenues to attract their audiences. Packaging your marketing plan with YouTube and other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter is always best practice.

Using YouTube as an online course and eCoaches marketing tool is vital to your success. Since your audience will most certainly want a taste of what you have to offer before booking your live coaching session, or downloading your knowledgeable course. This will give you access to an audience that watches 100 hours of YouTube videos per minute.

YouTube also allows you to strut your video and audio quality. This is an essential aspect of online courses. The eCoaches with quality promo videos and short marketing videos tend to gain the trust and confidence of potential students faster. Let’s take a peek at how you can use YouTube as a successful marketing tool for your online course.


Publish YouTube Videos Consistently

When it comes to building your online course audience, less is definitely not more. Marketing your online course should be a priority, especially since you put time, effort and money into developing your eCoaching profile, and possibly purchasing a new microphone and webcam.

The most successful brands have 50 percent more videos than those that are least successful. This means you will need to create many quality videos. However, once you get into the rhythm of video production, it can be molded into an effective and efficient process. One video per day should be your goal, at least for the first few months after launching your online course.


Add Marketing Value in Your Videos

Developing one video per day doesn’t equate to a long artistic film. Your daily videos should be very short and concise. For example, take a small piece of information from your online course and quickly share it. The range of these marketing videos should be 30 to 60 seconds. They will be mainly talking head videos with a slide of information if needed.

You can also discuss news relating to your subject, or something close to it. For example, let’s say your online course is about building apps. You could share recent news about apps and maybe give your tech opinion on the matter. This will allow your audience to see that you are knowledgeable and stay up to date on the skill you have offered. You may also find short promos of your online course valuable to your YouTube marketing strategy as well.


Maintain Online Course Branding

When developing your YouTube videos for marketing, ensure you are keeping clear online course branding. This means that titles, tags and descriptions are all brand focused. If you are covering recent news in your field or subject, ensure you are creating clear searchable titles, tags and video descriptions. For example, a video about the new iPhone could be titled, “Exclusive iPhone 7 Features.” Features, exclusive and iPhone 7 are all hot searchable words.

It is essential to also let your potential audience find you on other platforms. Each YouTube video allows you to write a description and add links. Always lead with your links. This would be your Facebook page, blog, Twitter account, LinkedIn, and most certainly your online course. After, give a brief description of the video, and then pump up the exclusive online course you offer.


Promote Your Channel Everywhere

Once you have your YouTube channel up and running, it also needs to have marketing in place. Once you publish a video, publish its link everywhere. Twitter, Facebook, your free Wordpress blog, your online course profile, and on other blogs if you feel your content can be of use to their audience as well.

Linking your social media to your YouTube channel is a very important strategy that the top 100 brands use to increase brand awareness and profits. In fact, the top 100 brands combine YouTube, Facebook and Twitter exclusively for success in their industries. The top 25 percent of the most successful brands had higher video sharing than the lowest 25 percent. This is proof of the power YouTube and social media marketing can offer.


The YouTube ecosystem is vast. It is so vast, that every online course you develop can benefit from having online videos in your marketing strategy. Maybe you don’t have much time in your week to upload a lot of videos. That’s all right too. Every little bit will help make your course a success. It may allow you to have one or two more students taking your live coaching session every month. Which will increase word of mouth, also another invaluable marketing tool. Online videos will also help you reach a global market, since 56 countries post videos in roughly 61 languages. This opens your audience demographic up significantly, which also boosts profits. 


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