Rust Super-Teams Dominating Servers and Crowding Out Solo Players & Small Teams—Boring!

Rust Super-Teams Dominating Servers and Crowding Out Solo Players & Small Teams—Boring!

Sometimes you come across a game that’s just next level. To me, Rust was that game. From the moment I figured out how to craft tools, I was hooked. I ran around all day collecting materials and ran home at night to upgrade my base, cook food and craft items. The atmosphere in Rust is the most awe-inspiring experience I’ve had in a game since World of Warcraft was first released. Finally, a game that is breathtaking, innovative, and just all around next level.

Over the next couple of weeks I convinced my friends to come and join. We were all hooked, but none as much as me. We had trouble with some more experienced players who took advantage of our inexperience and wiped us out a few times, but it didn’t bother us, we persevered. Finally, we got a base up that was able to withstand a couple of raid attempts. It took a couple of weeks until a large clan came along and totally wiped us out, but in the meantime we were able to learn all of the weapon plans, upgrade all of our walls to fortified (remember the days before HQM?), and even experience a few raids. It was some of the most fun I’ve had in a game during my adult life. However…


The times they are a changin’

Over the last year things have changed in Rust. As time has gone on, players have begun to form larger and larger groups while also becoming more and more experienced about how the game works. These two elements combined have made the game next to impossible to play the game solo, or even as a small group of friends.

Now, I know what you’re going to say… Rust isn’t a solo game. True! And I agree that a solo Rust would probably not be ideal. You need a group of friends to help collect materials, build your base, and—definitely, definitely, definitely—to defend! But wouldn’t it be nice to see more people running around building their little huts, trying to survive alone? When I first started playing this was commonplace, I was one of them! These days, even on low-pop servers, massive groups are forming to completely dominate the servers. Please read this small rant by a player named frostfire2k, I couldn’t of said it better myself! These “super-teams” are crowding out the solo players, and even the small teams. If you survive, it’s only because they let you (which is rare).

I’ve played Rust in every single way: I’ve done it alone, in a small group of friends, found myself a random to build with (never works out well FYI), and joined a super-team. The most fun I ever had was going it alone and with a small group of friends. The least fun I ever had was in a super-team. The reason? Simple…


The risk is just too small!

Rust has to be the most hardcore risky game I’ve experienced since Ultima Online. One day you can have it all, and the next you’re naked with a pet rock. As a solo player, you’re constantly taking risk. You need to farm materials: risk. You need to explore and learn crafting recipes: risk. You need to log out and sleep in real life: RISK! Rust is all about risks and when you join a super-team, you eliminate the majority of them. Farming materials? No problem, run around with 5 clan members. Exploring to level up and learn new recipes? No problem, take 10 of your clan members with you. Need to log out and sleep? No problem, return to your fortress and log out for a few days, have a holiday, enjoy yourself… Your super-team’s got this one!

And what about when a super-team’s getting raided? They call their allies! That’s right, the super-teams even have allies! Sometimes their group of 20+ isn’t enough, so they ally up with another group of 20+. I’ve been in a super-team that has had up to 3 large allies! Not once did we get raided in the 4 wipes I spent playing with them. It might as well have been a PVE resource gathering game.

Being a Rust player who’s struggled through tough times getting a base up (who hasn’t?), I know and understand the frustrations, I get it. I spent many weeks playing Rust trying to get that perfect base up, but as the saying goes in Rust, “If you build it, they will come. And then they will murder you.” Because of those experiences I understand the natural progression towards forming larger and larger groups to stay safe. However, those hard times turn out to be the greatest times, because without that constant threat of being wiped out, it’s just not that fun.

Being in a super-team with an unraidable base is probably the most unexciting experience I’ve ever had in Rust. Being in that small base however, with someone lurking outside at night, is the most exciting, atmospheric, adrenaline rushing experience I’ve ever had in gaming. I’d like to see more of this and a return of the solo players and smaller groups.


So what can we do?

I’d like to start a discussion about having servers dedicated to small teams. If we can have private servers where teams need to register themselves prior to joining, I believe we can do it. I’d even be willing to host a server myself if we can build enough interest.

My perfect server would be a server dedicated to 5 man teams maximum. Any teaming beyond that would be a bannable offence. My wipe rate would be once a month, just as with the official servers. I believe the less frequent wipes would coincide with the smaller teams.

If you’re interested in this idea, or if you’re just tired of super-team Rust, please join the conversation and share your frustrations via Facebook or Twitter, @eCoaches. Without your voice, nothing will ever happen. Let’s get the discussion started!



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