Teachers Make the Best eCoaches!


Teachers make the best eCoaches!

eCoaches enables anybody with skills to work from home at any time they choose. No other group benefits more from this than a teacher. In this shot blog post I’m going to go over how eCoaches benefits teachers, some questions teachers may have for us along with my answers, and how to best go about starting your new career on eCoaches.com.

So how does eCoaches benefit teachers?

Look… not only do I have friends who are teachers, so I’m constantly hearing the horror stories, but at one point in my life I was also a student! I remember what a teacher’s life is like—especially a high school teacher’s. It can be highly stressful dealing with so many students who just do not want to be there. Imagine your classes full of students who want to learn. Imagine your classes full of students who participate and ask questions. Imagine hosting these classes at home and at whatever time you deem convenient. This is the potential of eCoaches for teachers.

Now this perfect world scenario probably seems a bit far-fetched. I mean, is it likely that you’ll be able to quit your full-time fixed-salary job tomorrow? Probably not. However, over time as we build up our student base you have to ask yourself how any local school could possibly compete against an online business with a global audience, all enthusiastically looking to learn…

But how are you going to earn a proper salary doing freelancing teaching jobs online? Well the great thing about eCoaches is that we allow our coaches to sell their services in not one, but two ways: live coaching and learning resources. Live coaching can be done one-on-one or in groups and can offer the student live responses to questions that arise while learning, the best way to learn in my opinion. However, if the teacher really wants to make a living as soon as possible through an online learning platform that is still growing, the best way is through learning resources. Learning resources are best in the form of video content. By uploading learning resources to the site, students are able to learn on demand and coaches are able to sell their material, any time day or night, whether they’re online or not.

So if learning resources are so good, why should you bother offering live coaching sessions?

Well let’s remember why people love to teach. It’s not all about making megabucks. Many people genuinely love to help people, and there really is no better way than guiding them personally through a subject. Many times I’ve had questions that I need answers to, especially while I studied at university. And sometimes searching through piles of videos, forum posts or articles just isn’t enough. Sometimes the best way to get an answer is simply from another human being. The problem with being online all the time is that most information is pre-recorded and finding live help from a human being can be as difficult as reaching a human being when calling your phone company, your internet company, or your bank… Many questions that you may have just can’t be answered by pressing numbers 1 to 9 on your keypad.

In my opinion, both of the options listed above are a great way for a diverse range of teachers to begin coaching online. To really make the most of the platform I would recommend that you give both a try. Start off small, maybe make a short course that you can upload into your resource centre for a small fee, or offer some live coaching after work hours or on weekends when you’re bored and looking for something to do. Because it’s free to join us you really have nothing to lose except for the time it takes you to set-up your profile, we don’t make money unless you make money. And because we know the only cost to our coaches is their time, we’ve made the account creation process as fast and as easy as possible.

Over time we plan on adding many more cool features that allow coaches to offer their services in even more ways. I have a list as long as my arm of amazing features that would really be revolutionary to the online educational world. For now however, we need you to get started! Come join us. Transfer your teaching skills to the online world through us. Help us build something truly life-changing for teachers and students alike. Help yourself by getting in early and building up your profile’s reputation before your peers and become the go-to coach of your field. Together we will change the way people learn and seek help online.


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Online learning sites are an exciting new market and they’re already starting to change the way many people make a living. This brand new site is even better because it allows you to make money in not just one but two ways — sell your learning resources AND mentor people one on one, live. Online teachers and tutors are already making lots of money — you could be too.