Who Benefits From eCoaches?


Who Benefits From eCoaches?



While I was studying at university I felt that interpreting information online, especially in mathematics, was sometimes difficult. I felt that I have access to an unlimited supply of information but no access to guidance on how to apply it. Through eCoaches, students will be able to find coaches that can provide them with this guidance at any time without the need to meet in a physical location. This is the ultimate source of convenience for a student who is in need of help with their work.

Something new to our culture that hasn’t been experienced before is the exponential growth, both in popularity and monetary opportunities, of the video game industry. Generally, teenagers are the leaders of this ever expanding industry and possess many skills that others either do not have or do not have the time to learn on their own. eCoaches offers these students an opportunity that has never been offered before – the chance to monetize their gaming skills. Gaming skills that took countless amounts of hours to perfect, time that I’m sure the majority of their parents see as being wasted. This also saves the student hours of their time that would have otherwise been spent looking through websites or tutorial videos, learning various strategies trying to find out what works where and when.


Foreign Students

There are many foreign students studying here in Australia. I happened to make friends with many foreign students during my time at Adelaide University and they all told me the same thing – finding work was proving to be difficult. Even if they did find work it was for a very low wage. I won’t put down an exact figure but let’s just say that the legality of these cash-in-hand wages in Australia are questionable.

Generally, even though these students were studying in their second language, they were still receiving high grades. Some of them even spent time tutoring other students. What eCoaches offers foreign students is a way to monetize their knowledge and earn an income during their overseas study, without the need to apply for jobs and compete against native speakers. They're also able to host their sessions whenever is convenient for them which is perfect for university life and travel.



With excess time available to take up a hobby, retirees could be the perfect candidate for coaching others online. Many retirees have built up skills throughout their careers that they're now able to pass on to others. Information that's been posted online can sometimes be less attractive than learning directly from someone with knowledge of the industry. Knowledge that they've built up from years of experience. Because retirees have most likely spent their whole lives in one field, their expertise would be in high demand from others looking to enter into that industry. Unfortunately prior to eCoaches, the accessibility of people such as these has been scarce.



Teenagers who leave school early may want to focus their attention on one particular subject. eCoaches is a way for them to meet industry professionals and learn from those with industry experience; without the need to remain in school. Conversely, teenagers who have skills that are marketable will now be able to utilize them. One student in particular who attended my school was never interested in anything my teachers had to offer, but was an absolute genius at computer programming. These students are now able to share their knowledge with others and spend more time following their own interests instead of following convention.



We have created a new platform through which teachers can educate others and market themselves to earn a salary based on the value that they provide to their students. The free market nature of the site, as well as the site's built-in feedback system, will in the long run provide students with a much more reliable source of knowledgeable teachers than any other provider. Aspiring teachers or teachers in a transitional phase, looking for a change or looking to work from home, will now be able to start their own career online.



Professionals in their field will undoubtedly have the highest traffic. Any professional looking to make a change or start a hobby will be able to take up coaching on eCoaches. Not only this, but I predict that mentorship from these individuals will be in very high demand. Access to the knowledge, mentorship or even network of a professional today is not something that is easy to acquire. Without simply knowing someone there is just no sufficient online platform.

Newcomers to an industry aren’t the only people looking to learn from professionals. Being a professional doesn’t make you a master and even professionals are constantly learning. In this case I’m reminded of a quote from Albert Einstein - ‘The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know’. I imagine that professionals looking to advance will also seek to learn from other professionals on the site.



Anyone who is looking to take up a new hobby or learn a new skill will create an account to do so. From the comfort of their own home, on any day at any time they choose, individuals will be able to use the eCoaches platform to search for something new to learn. I had a friend tell me the other day that he would like to start learning computer animation. This kind of person is exactly what eCoaches was built for. Instead of searching through expensive courses, or instructional videos on streaming services, users are able to find an eCoach to instruct them for an affordable price at any time that is convenient for them. All from home!

Conversely, anyone who's unemployed or traveling with a certain skill that they've acquired over the years, be it from previous work or simply self interest, is now able to meet someone like my friend and begin coaching them at whatever times they've preset on their calendar. This is convenient for both parties.



With the use of technology, kids’ education over the years has become more and more efficient. Now, kids have the ability to browse for an eCoach for any hobby online. The hope is that eventually any interest that a child at a young age may want to pursue will be readily available through our eCoaching platform. Musical instruments, languages, mathematics, chess, computing etc. everything available online and taught by another human; all from the comfort and safety of their own home, after school hours or on weekends.

In addition, coaches may offer their services in the form of kids’ education. This can be simple after-school education to help kids continue to learn outside of schooling hours. Doing this gives kids greater access to their educator and therefore a higher quality learning experience. Being enrolled in a classroom sometimes limits a child's ability to join in and ask questions, especially at a young age when the child may be more reserved and reluctant to speak out.



Companies looking to train up their staff will be able to find a highly-rated coach to either host a group session with the company's staff, or coach them individually. Some scenarios of when a company might look to do this are with Excel or any other type of computer program that is ubiquitous amongst industries but also requires a skill set. The company can make an arrangement with a coach as to what will need to be covered and have their staff trained online from their offices, effectively outsourcing their training without the need to travel or have people travel to you. This could become more cost- effective than traditional costs of training due to the lower overhead eCoaches faces compared to a company that specializes in training.


The global marketplace for education online

Online learning sites are an exciting new market and they’re already starting to change the way many people make a living. This brand new site is even better because it allows you to make money in not just one but two ways — sell your learning resources AND mentor people one on one, live. Online teachers and tutors are already making lots of money — you could be too.