Why Non-Native Speaking Students Always Have Something to Offer


Why non-native speaking students always have something to offer


Anyone who’s studied at an Australian university cannot help but notice that much of our student base is made up of international students. I personally found studying with international students to be an enriching experience. I was, I must admit, a little bit jealous. Studying overseas with their friends must be one of the most memorable experiences of their lives. The only downside to coming over here to study is that they all struggled to find any good part-time work to pay for their living expenses if they came from a non-English speaking country.


Most of the international students that I studied with were highly skilled people. Some of them even tutored fellow students in subjects that they’ve already completed or were doing very well in. One thing that the majority of them had in common was that they were all hard-working.


So why then, given this tendency to work hard, did they struggle to find work? Well the answer I most commonly received was that it was too hard to compete against a native speaker for employment. Most employers didn’t want to hire someone with English as their second language, whether they are hard-working or not. This is somewhat understandable when your customers are for the most part Australian. So what then, can these highly intelligent, hard-working, international students do to earn money while travelling and studying overseas? Do some coaching online of course!


There’s one advantage that the majority of international students have over many of us, and that’s being bilingual. Being bilingual is something that these individuals take for granted. Many of us, myself included, are kicking ourselves that we didn’t work harder at learning a second language while growing up. Some of us, myself included again, have tried taking up another language as an adult. Unfortunately it’s sometimes hard to find someone to practice with when everyone else is busy doing their own thing. From my own personal experience, finding someone to practice with online is also quite difficult. This is what eCoaches provides these individuals. We provide them with a new and exciting opportunity to earn money from anywhere in the world in order to pay for their travelling costs and living expenses, all while providing a new platform through which people looking to learn a language, such as myself, can find those who are keen to help.


So there you have it. Even if these students don’t feel comfortable helping others with subjects such as maths, science, chemistry, etc. they still have an opportunity to earn an income sharing their one skill that they take for granted, language.



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