Why Students Are Looking for Online Language Teachers and Why You Need to Jump on This Trend Now

Why Students Are Looking for Online Language Teachers and Why You Need to Jump on This Trend Now


If you’ve been in the education space for a while, you would have noticed that the demand for learning online has been skyrocketing. Critics of online learning say that it can never provide the same level of instruction as a more traditional classroom setting. However, the surge in popularity seems to suggest otherwise. So what is it that attracts people to the virtual classroom?

Well, it seems there are a few reasons, ranging from comfort with technology to cost. So read on to learn why you need to jump on this trend now.


1) Students are comfortable with technology

It probably isn’t news to anybody that we are living in the age of the ‘digital native’. And anyone who has ever worked with college-age students will know how difficult it is at times to separate them from their devices. So instead of seeing technology as a distraction, use it.

The good news for teachers who use this new medium is that there’s a bunch of multimedia features that can be incorporated into lessons like video, audio, instant messaging, and interactive games that encourage whole-brain learning, and can be incorporated into simple tools like Skype.

Studies published by the U.S. Department of Education have also shown that students who learn online do marginally better than students who learn in traditional settings.


2) The one-to-one approach is great for natural conversation

These days the buzzword in language teaching is the communicative approach. This means teaching language in a way that is meant to facilitate natural communication. For many people, Skype is a natural setting for a one-to-one conversation, so it provides a good basis for establishing a connection between the teacher and student.

Another reason many students prefer the one-to-one online approach is that they find it difficult to speak in class when there are other, more extroverted students, who tend to demand most of the teacher’s attention. For students who may be nervous in group situations, or afraid of making mistakes in front of others, online language learning gives them the chance to take advantage of more personalized attention, and increase their confidence.


3) Students don't always have access to native speakers of the language where they are living

It’s a fact that people prefer to learn foreign languages from a person who is a native speaker of that language. Native speakers speak with a more natural accent, and tend to teach the language as it is spoken. But this raises the issue of native speaker availability for those who are not living in the country where the language is spoken.

There are literally millions of people living in countries like India, Brazil, and China alone, who either can’t access native speakers, or, even if there are native speaker teachers available, cannot afford the fees that local expensive private schools charge to attend lessons.

And many students, even if they do attend classes with a non-native speaker, still want to develop their conversational skills with a native. So by becoming an online language teacher, you’re giving people access to something that might not ordinarily be available to them.


4) There’s a real cost benefit

The British Council estimates that by 2020, 2 billion people will be learning English across the world. And whereas language learning used to be something traditionally associated with the middle classes, nowadays, it’s often people from slightly lower socio—economic backgrounds that need English to enter the workforce. One of the largest demographics is economic migrants, many of whom cannot afford the hefty fees associated with language schools.

Even for middle class students, physically attending classes can add up. There’s school fees, transportation, and in some cases, babysitting. Then add to that, the cost of expensive textbooks. E-courses by comparison are relatively inexpensive, especially if reading material is available by e-book.


Now that you understand why so many people are opting for the virtual classroom over the traditional one, why not consider starting your online career with eCoaches today? Not only will you be making money doing something you love, you’ll be doing your potential students a favour by bringing your skills to them, no matter where they are.



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