German Language Tutoring Online

Are you considering learning a new language? Perhaps you are thinking about traveling to or taking up a job in Germany? Learn German online with courses delivered by native speaking tutors to meet your specific goals.

Whether you are keen to grasp a basic conversational level of the German language or wish to be able to hold an informed conversation or business meetings in German, the online German tutors at eCoaches can help you to achieve your goals.

German is the second most spoken language on the continent of Europe so it’s a very smart choice to study. With weekly German lessons online, you will be surprised at just how quickly you can grasp a good command of the language.

eCoaches offers German Online Tutoring for all levels – from the very beginner to the German language students who need tutoring to pass final exams.

Beginners German Tutoring

Even if you have struggled in the past to learn languages, our experienced native German speaking tutors will quickly put you at ease. They will work with you at your own pace to develop confidence in your ability to read, speak and write in German.

Through our beginners German language courses online, amongst many other things, you will learn how to:

  • Structure sentences and understand German grammar and punctuation
  • Communicate greetings, words of thanks and other common phrases
  • Talk a little about yourself, your interests and your family
  • Ask for directions or help
  • Communicate to shop assistants – price requests, item requests etc.

Intermediate and Advanced German Tutoring

Do you need help with German language exams? Do you want to quickly accelerate your grasp of the German language? Do you need to be able to conduct business in German?

If so, our tutors can deliver a more advanced set of tutorial sessions which will help you speak and write in German at quite a strong level. You will learn how to:

  • Discuss current news and affairs
  • Discuss business proposals and issues
  • Communicate with German colleagues
  • Express opinions
  • Book travel arrangements
  • Feel comfortable conversing in the past, present and future tense

Being able to speak and write in German can put you at a significant advantage in the employment market and make travelling to or around Germany or indeed living there a much more exciting, interesting and enjoyable prospect.

Interested in becoming an Online German Tutor?

If you are a native or fluent German speaker and want to help others grasp a command of the language, eCoaches wants you.

Join our German Tutors Online by creating your free eCoaches profile today. Help others to speak and write in German and get paid for it, arranging online tutorial sessions at times and dates that best suit both your schedules.