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I would like to equip the youth with the necessary mathematical skills as required in further studies or in the real world. A good pass in Maths opens doors to many careers. So when I get the opportunity to be a teacher, I will be changing the lives of learners. I enjoy showing people that Maths has applications and is not there to make their lives difficult. For example, Trigonometry is applied in triangulation whereby the location of an object is determined. I want to be a fully qualified Maths teacher by enrolling for the Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Senior and FET phases) at the University of South Africa (UNISA) in 2018.

I have above average aptitude in Mathematics (75%) and Physical Science (87%) and I have been able to tutor these subjects since Standard nine, now grade 11, in 2002. I am a patient individual who is able to explain mathematical concepts in detail to learners. In 2003 I matriculated with three distinctions at Langa Senior Secondary School which is a previously disadvantaged school. As a result, I was awarded the Eastern Cape province Office of the Premier Scholarship. I then enrolled for a Bachelor of Science degree in Computational and Applied Mathematics at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg.

The Maths degree has both numerical topics (e.g. Numerical methods, Optimization) and analytical topics (e.g. Group Theory and Real Analysis). In this degree I was able to register and pass Pure Mathematics 3, a course with Abstract topics like Topology and Group Theory. I got a final mark of 72% for Mathematics 2. There were two Mathematics 3 courses at the time for BSc students. The first one was Pure Mathematics 3 and the other Mathematics Techniques 3. The requirements to enrol for Pure Mathematics 3 were 60% passes in both Intermediate Analysis 2 and Abstract Algebra 2. The Pure Mathematics 3 class only had fifteen students. During my stay at Wits University I tutored a second year Maths student, amongst others, in Abstract Algebra. The student ended up getting 63% on the topic while she got an average of 47% before I tutored her.

After graduation, I got a job as a substitute Mathematics and Physical Science teacher back in 2008 at Mayibenye Senior Secondary School. This is a high school located in a village next to Flagstaff in the rural Eastern Cape. At the school I was teaching three classes in which the smallest, according to the number of learners had seventy-five learners. The classes had an average pass rate of 77% in the subjects that I taught. The school is located in a rural village. I compiled a composite schedule for final grade 10 and 11 marks using Microsoft Excel and its commands (e.g, COUNTIF) to make summaries and analysis of results. This was before the introduction of SA-SAMS. For the first time the school had a schedule done on a computer.

In 2011 and 2012 I was a full time mathematics tutor at a South African franchising company, Master Maths in the Mthatha branch. I tutored students from grade 4 to 12 inclusive, this means that I know the syllabus of these grades and methodologies used in each grade. I got along well with the learners and interaction was with learners from varying backgrounds. I am now able to interact with school learners and can help them to become independent thinkers. Two of my learners who were on the Advanced programme mathematics passed with distinctions. My then manager said that I was his best tutor ever.

I was recently an online Maths tutor for an Australian company YourTutor. I was tutoring both Extension and Intermediate Maths via their online portal. I applied YourTutor's Help - Not Answers Policy well because my tutees were able to solve similar or related problems on their own. The Australian Maths syllabus is more advanced than ours because at high school, they cover topics that we only encounter at university here in South Africa.

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