eCoaches Payout Policy

Fee Structure

Here at eCoaches, we try and keep things fair and simple for everyone. In order to celebrate our launch and get things kicked off, we have a very special offer for our early adopters!


Launch Special

To reward our early adopts, we’ve set fees low… really low… We’re giving our early adopters a flat fee of 10% on every sale, whether it’s coaching or learning resources!

That’s right, 10%! For life!

Other online learning companies have confusing fee structures that trick you into paying in excess of 70% of your earnings. We find that insulting! Our promise to you is that if you help us build our network, we’ll help you make more money!

Payment Dates

Coaches will be paid out on the 8th of every month or on any day after the 8th that falls on a Monday in Australia. An important rule to note is that earnings must be held by for a period of seven (7) days after a session has taken place or a learning resource has been purchased. This is to protect the student against poor coaching or learning resource quality. This means that if a coach has sold a session or a learning resource within the 7 day window of the next payout day (i.e. between the 1st and the 7th of any month), their earnings will not be paid out until the following month’s payout period.