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Have you always wanted to learn how to speak French? Perhaps you learned French at school and now you want to brush up on your existing skills? Whatever your reasons for wanting to learn French, you'll find that learning French online can be easy through

Private French Tutoring Online

We've put together a directory of French tutors who are passionate about teaching the language, and who offer French tutoring online. You'll find that they offer a variety of French lessons, from high school French to preparing you for a visit to France with online conversations classes. Not only can they guide you through the basics of French grammar, including verbs and tenses, but they'll also help you to expand your vocabulary so that you can talk on a wide range of subjects.

Conversational classes are easily conducted over Skype, and you'll find that in just a few short weeks, while you may not be talking quite like a native, your private French tutor will have helped you to increase both your understanding of the language and your confidence in speaking it.

Choosing to learn French online is the perfect option if you're unable to get to a local language college or you find it difficult to learn on your own from a text book. Most French tutors offer both one-to-one sessions and group learning, so you can choose whichever method suits you best.

There is also online tutoring available if you want to learn at your own pace, and you can mix and match approaches to find a method that can be customised to your own personal preference. There are also French tutors who specialise in helping school children with their homework, whether they're taking Year 1 French or Year 6 French. Plus, they'll help your children to prepare for any French exams that they may be taking, so that they'll feel more confident when they're in the exam room.

So whether you need a French tutor to teach you French from scratch, you simply want help with your French conversation, or you'd like someone to give your child an extra helping hand with their French studies, our directory of online French tutors could be just what you need. Check it out now to find the best match for you; there are new tutors and courses being added all the time to increase the choice. And, if you're a French teacher or tutor who'd like to expand your business, online French coaching is a great way to spread your skills, your passion and your knowledge.

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