Quick Guide

Becoming a Student

Create an Account

Create an account with an email address and password, or log in using Facebook or google+.

Find an eCoach/Course from the Directory

Use the directory from the home page or top menu to search for an eCoach that you would like to teach you. You can select an eCoach’s profile to find out more about them, or you can view their available courses and resources. You can also use the search bar at the top of the page at any time to look for coaches and courses.

Book a Coaching Course or Purchase a Learning Resource

Coaching Course 

Select ‘Book this eCoach’ on a coaching course page to book a time. You can select a day that the eCoach has available on the calendar that is shaded green. Once you have selected a day, you can continue to select an available time slot. You may have the option to select an individual or group coaching session. Once you have selected your preferred options, click on ‘send request.’ This will send your booking request to the eCoach for them to accept or decline. You also have the option of sending the eCoach a message if you wish. Once your request is accepted, your session will be held on the accepted date and time via Skype. To get your eCoach’s Skype name, visit the diary tab on the dashboard where all of your appointment details are held.

Learning Resource

Select ‘Buy this Course’ on the learning resource course page to purchase a learning resource. Once you have sent your payment, you can click ‘get download link’, then ‘download’ to download the resources. You can also send a message to the eCoach.

Becoming an eCoach

Create an eCoach Account

Once you have created a student account on eCoaches, you will have the option to become an eCoach on your dashboard. Visit the ‘become an eCoach’ page and follow the instructions to start eCoaching today!

Creating a Course

As an eCoach, you can create two types of courses: coaching or learning resources.


For coaching sessions, you can teach an individual or a group of people, over Skype or any other preferred 3rd party communications platform, for your own pre-determined price. You can set available coaching hours for the course via the dashboard. Once you have set-up and published a course, students can book your coaching sessions using the calendar that you’ve set-up with your pre-set availability times. When a student has requested a lesson, you will get a message in your dashboard giving you the option to either accept or decline the booking. Once you accept the student, they will be given a request for them to make payment. You will be notified when payment has been sent, or, you can check the status of the payment through your diary tab in your dashboard. Once payment has been sent, we recommend that you make contact with your student and prepare anything you’ll need for your session, e.g. adding each other on Skype. For information on how to set-up courses and availability, see the dashboard > eCoach settings section of this guide.

Learning Resources

You can create a learning resource course as an eCoach. This allows you to upload resources such as tutorial videos, booklets, guides, etc. and sell them to students at a price pre-determined by you. When a student purchases a resource from you, they will then gain access and be able to download the resource for their own personal use.



Real Name

This is where you edit/set your real name.

Location Settings

This is where you edit/set your location/time zone.

Login Options

You can either change your password or connect using your google+ or Facebook account.

Skype Name

You can add or edit your Skype name in the settings tab of the dashboard. You will need to have your Skype name set to enable students and eCoaches to hold sessions. For more information about hosting your lessons with Skype, see Holding a Lesson.


This is where you can send and receive messages between student and eCoach contacts that you have made through courses. The six most recent conversations, and any unread messages, will appear on the left-hand side of the panel. To see more conversations, select the ‘see more’ button.

Accepting/Declining an Offer

If a student has requested a booking, or an eCoach has offered a lesson, you will see a notification appear in your messages from the other person with a button that says ‘details’. Select this button to accept or decline the booking request.

Making a Lesson Offer

As an eCoach, you will see a button at the bottom of the messaging panel for each contact that will say ‘make an offer’. You can select this button to make a lesson offer to the student. You will be able to select the course you would like to offer, set a suggested time and keep the current lesson price, customise the price, or make it free. When the student receives your request, they will have the option to accept or decline your offer.

Blocking a Contact

If you feel for any reason that you do not want to have communication with a contact, you can block the contact by using the ‘block this contact’ button at the bottom left of the messaging panel. If you would like to unblock the contact in the future, you can use the same button to unblock.


The diary tab on the dashboard gives you details on all types of bookings and requests. This is also where you can find your eCoach’s/Student’s Skype name for a lesson.

Active Bookings

This is where you can see your active upcoming bookings as a student and as an eCoach.

Received, Requests and Offers

This is where you can see your received lesson requests from students, requested lesson bookings with an eCoach and lesson offers from an eCoach.


Bookings you have sent as a student or an eCoach

Old Bookings

This shows past session bookings.


This section is where you can view your course or resource purchases. You can also download previously purchased resources from this section.

eCoach Setup

eCoach Availability Calendar

To set the time that you are available to coach a student, set your availability blocks in the eCoach settings section of the eCoach tab in the dashboard. You will need to set the time in blocks. For example; if you are available Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 10am - 3pm for coaching, you would enter the start time as 10.00am, hours as 5, and tick the box for Monday, Tuesday and Friday. You can delete the time blocks at any time in this settings area.

eCoach Appointment Breaks

You can set an appointment break in your calendar so that you can have a rest between sessions. Select the time in minutes for your break in the eCoach settings section of the eCoach tab in the dashboard.

Paypal Email

See payment methods and collecting payments section for more information.

eCoach Profile Image/Video

To set a display image for your eCoach profile, go to the dashboard and select ‘eCoach Setup’. In the section ‘eCoach Profile’ you can upload, change or remove a photo. The image should be at least 846 pixels wide by 476 pixels high, in a 16:9 aspect ratio, and in a jpeg or png format. The image will be cropped to a 16:9 aspect ratio and resized as needed.

You may also upload a YouTube video instead of an image for your profile. To create a video, select the ‘add a profile video’ button.

eCoach Profile Description

You can give your profile a title, and provide information about you, in the ‘eCoach Profile’ section of the eCoach Setup tab in the dashboard. This information will be displayed publicly so that students can read about you before booking a session or purchasing a learning resource from you.


Create a Course

To create a course as an eCoach, use the eCoach Setup tab on the dashboard and under the ‘courses’ section select ‘Create New Course’. Here you can select the category of your course, the title of your course and the type of course: coaching or learning resource.

Manage/Edit a Created Course

Once you have created a course it will take you to the course manager page. You can access the course manager page at any time by going to the Course Options panel in the eCoach Setup tab in the dashboard and selecting ‘manage’.

Course options allows you to publish, unpublish and delete a course. If you wish to stop teaching a course, you can select ‘unpublish’. You can publish the course at any time again in the future. If you choose to delete the course, it will be removed permanently.

The course is unpublished by default when it is created. If you are creating a learning resource; set your course price, course photo/video, course titles/description, upload your resource(s) and publish. If you are creating a coaching course; set your coaching rates per hour for individuals/groups, lesson length options, course photo/video, course titles/description and publish.

Uploading a Course Image/Video

You can upload, change or remove a photo/video for your eCoach course in the manage a course section. The image should be at least 846 pixels wide by 476 pixels high, in a 16:9 aspect ratio, and in a jpeg or png format. The image will be cropped to a 16:9 aspect ratio and resized as needed.

You may also upload a YouTube video instead of an image for your profile. To create a video, select the ‘add a profile video’ button.

Setting Coaching Availability/Lesson Breaks See eCoach Settings >>

Holding a lesson See Holding a Lesson >>

Account recovery

If you forget your password, you can recover it by selecting log in, ‘Lost your password?’. You will be directed to a page where you can enter your email address to recover and reset your password. You will be sent an email after submitting your email address with a link to reset/recover.

Payment methods

As a student purchasing a coaching course or a learning resource from an eCoach, you can pay via PayPal, credit or debit card.

Collecting your payment

As an eCoach, you will need to add your PayPal email under the ‘eCoach Settings’ panel in the eCoach Setup tab of the Dashboard. This allows you to collect your earnings from students purchasing your learning resources or coaching sessions through PayPal. For more information on what fees are applicable and when and how eCoaches will receive their earnings, read our Payout Policy.

Holding a lesson

To hold a lesson as an eCoach, or receive a lesson as a student, we recommend that you have a Skype account. Skype is the most commonly used communications platform online and will be most attractive to your students. To create a Skype account, go to www.skype.com. You can set your Skype name in the Settings tab of the dashboard. This will enable Skype names to be exchanged automatically, once payment is received, in order to reduce confusion and ensure that students and coaches don’t waste time exchanging details and perhaps miss the session time.


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