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Find an eCoach and book a risk-free online tutoring session now!

Are you looking to learn a new skill? Maybe you’d like to begin learning a new language online? If you are, maybe you’re looking for a private English tutor? Or, perhaps, even an English tutor for you and a group of friends? That’s great! But how do you choose the right tutor for your needs? Well with eCoaches it’s easy, because every session is risk-free!

Let us explain why…

Here at eCoaches, we provide the safest marketplace for students and coaches to meet. We do this by holding onto any funds paid for a coaching session until we are sure that the student is satisfied. Let us show you what we mean by describing how a typical booking will take place…

  1. Student sends a booking request to the coach
  2. Coach accepts the booking or sends a counter-offer time
  3. The student is prompted for payment once a time is agreed upon and payment is made
  4. Funds are received and held by us (
  5. Session takes place
  6. Student leaves feedback
  7. Student has 7 days after the session has taken place to open a dispute
    1. If no dispute is opened within 7 days then payment will be sent to the coach on the next payment cycle
    2. If a dispute is opened then the funds will not be distributed until the dispute has been resolved by eCoaches

So there you have it! Online tutoring has never been this attractive. Whether you’re looking to find help with your homework, trying to pick up new gaming skills, or just trying to practice your new language online, why not start now and find the right online tutor for you—risk-free—with What have you go to lose?

For more information on how funds are distributed to coaches, please read our payout policy or see our terms and conditions.